The 2023 CX Awards: Introducing This Year’s Categories 👀

Lift the lid on all the prizes up for grabs at this year’s CX Awards

The 2023 CX Awards: Introducing This Year’s Categories!
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Published: November 15, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

After its debut last year, the CX Awards is back, celebrating the best innovations from across the customer experience space.

Indeed, we’ve cast a wide net to ensure there is something for everyone, with awards for everything from CCaaS to ERP, CRM to RPA, and much more.

After all, CX is a team sport. People from across the business harness tools that pave the way for better customer experiences.

Our CX Awards shines a light on some of the very best of these technologies, with an expert panel of analyst judges – with knowledge that encompasses the entire CX stack.

While we’ll soon announce those judges, the awards categories are ready to see the light of day.

So, without further ado, here is our list of categories for the 2023 CX Awards.

Best CX Solution

Perhaps the most prestigious prize of the bunch, this award celebrates the vendor that demonstrates the best track record in delivering critical customer outcomes through the application of its technology.

Most Innovative Product

Sometimes a solution can redefine its field with either a nifty feature or a game-changing product suite. This prize is ideal for vendors that can offer something nobody else can.

Best Contact Center Platform

With many new entrants – including Microsoft, Google, and Zoom – the contact center space is becoming increasingly suffocated. Yet, some CCaaS platforms differentiate themselves through an excellent feature set. This award spotlights one such almighty vendor.

Best CRM Platform

The CRM market is fiercely competitive. While some may immediately think of Salesforce, it occupies little more than 20 percent of the market – according to the IDC. This category will commend a vendor that stands out in this ferocious battleground.

Best Conversational Analytics Platform

AI is the term on every CX vendor’s lips. Yet, perhaps the most refined CX use case is conversational analytics. Now, vendors are pushing this further, transforming interaction data into fascinating insight. This prize pinpoints one such provider achieving remarkable results.

Best Workforce Optimization Platform

With staff shortages creating many challenges in 2022, WFO came to the fore, allowing operations to engage their teams and push performance further. Recognizing its growing significance in CX, this award spotlights a vendor that exhibits a proven ability to drive positive employee outcomes.

Best Loyalty Management Platform (New!)

Customer loyalty is not dead, but it is changing. Many CX vendors recognize this and are developing new solutions to identify and incentivize loyal customers in new ways. This category celebrates these vendors and will isolate an innovative market leader.

Best Customer Service BPO (New!)

As contact centers come under increasing strain, many businesses are calling BPOs into action to handle contacts and support customer experience transformation projects. This prize lauds one such BPO achieving excellent results in both arenas.

Best RPA Platform (New!)

Every week, there seems to be a new merger or acquisition in the RPA space, with leading vendors striving to strengthen their standing in a growing market. This award recognizes a vendor that is slowly but surely rising above the competition.

Best ERP Platform (New!)

Supporting the automation of financial and operational activities, ERP tools are growing in prominence as businesses strive to streamline back-end processes and facilitate better customer journeys. This category isolates market leaders, singling out one especially pioneering provider.

Best BI Tool (New!)

As noted in the intro, CX is fast becoming a team sport. BI tools spread insights across the business to inspire collaboration, ensuring each department sings from the same hymn sheet. This prize spotlights a provider with impressive results in connecting the enterprise and supporting CX initiatives.

Best Use of AI

From automation to analytics, AI is helping to transform customer experiences. Yet, not all use cases are the same. Some AI projects are particularly eye-catching in their application and success. This award will isolate one such project, giving it the additional attention it deserves.

Best Customer Experience Team of the Year

Customer experience is not all about technology. Indeed, it’s far from it. People often make or break customer journeys. This category aims to shine a light on some of the customer experience teams that have maximized mission-critical customer outcomes in 2022 in creative, pioneering ways.

CX Leader of the Year

True CX innovation does not grow on trees. Vendors must employ the best personnel to design and develop new technologies that pave the way for customer experience disruption. This award highlights one such person behind the logo, playing an integral part in their company’s success.

Women in CX Technology

In the technology world, women are often underrepresented. This award recognizes a female who has demonstrated excellence, innovation, and leadership in CX technology.

Apply for the CX Awards 2023! 🏆

While applications for the CX Awards 2023 will officially open on Friday, the 25th of November, you can plan your entries now.

To help, here is the application form, which you can begin to fill in and soon submit. Doing so will open your solution up for some well-deserved recognition.

Moreover, you can showcase some of your most striking achievements from the past 12 months.

Applications will close on Friday, the 13th of January, 2023, and the live final will hit the screens of our global audience on Thursday, the 16th of February.

To find out more, check out our CX Awards 2023 media kit.

We wish you all the very best of luck!




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