The First-Ever CPaaS Acceleration Summit is Nearly Here

CASA23 will take place in Amsterdam on September 18-20

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Published: September 12, 2023

James Stephen

The inaugural CPaaS Acceleration Summit, CASA 23, will take place in Amsterdam on September 18-20.

Set up by the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance (CPaaSAA), the event connects CPaaS vendors with Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and aims to turn a “cool idea” into a “game-changing reality”.

The three-day event will host 49 speakers, 250 attendees, 63 members, and eight workshops, focusing on the latest trends within CPaaS and its adjacent markets, including CCaaS, UCaaS, AI, and others.

Rob Kurver, Founding Partner of the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance, commented on the event launch: “We are thrilled to host the first dedicated CPaaS event.

“CASA23 aims to not only spotlight the rapid advancements in the industry but also provide a platform for collaboration, discussion, and innovation.

Attendees will walk away inspired and equipped to drive further growth as the CPaaS industry races to $100B in 2030.

CASA23 represents not only the first event in the series, but CPaaSAA is heralding it as the “first-ever dedicated event for the CPaaS industry”.

What to Expect from the CASA23

Four Tracks: The main topics or “tracks” for CASA23 include extending CCaaS and UCaaS with CPaaS, telcos, SME (small to medium-sized enterprises), UCCaaS (unified communications and collaboration as a service), and AI in communications.

Participants: Attending the event will be more than 80 companies, over 65 member companies, and more than 250 attendees.

Speakers: There will be 49 speakers at CASA23 from global telcos, CPaaS providers and enablers, industry analysts, and technology providers.

Notable speakers include Dave Michels, Principal Analyst at TalkingPointz, Martin Taylor, Co-CEO at Content Guru, and Michael Brandenburg, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost and Sullivan.

Events: The summit will offer a range of member-only workshops, panels, and speeches from major figures in the industry.

Attendees may also enjoy lots of networking opportunities to build relationships and share knowledge with peers, experts, and other industry professionals.

Prominent industry vendors include Content Guru, Infobip, and, amongst many others.

CPaaS Acceleration Alliance

The CPaaS Acceleration Alliance describes itself as a “global Alliance for the CPaaS industry”, which helps to accelerate the growth and adoption of communications platforms.

There are three main elements to the CPaaSAA’s work, which are its research and education “academy”, “alliance” efforts to bring CSPs, CPaaS platforms, and industry experts together, and its “advisory” network strategy, technology, and marketing advisors.

The organization unites the CPaaS platform and service providers, enablers, technology vendors, sales partners, advisory partners, industry experts, and media to build mutually beneficial strategies, partnerships, and practices.

According to CPaaSAA, it is relationships such as these that are transforming CPaaS from a $16 billion industry in 2022 to a $100 billion industry by 2030.

To find out more about CASA23, including registration information, here’s the complete agenda.




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