The Future of CX: Learning from UJET at EC 2023

The Trends Driving UJET into the Future of Contact Center

The Future of CX Learning from UJET at EC 2023 - CX Today News
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Last Edited: May 10, 2023

Rob Scott

Rob Scott

At this year’s EC 2023 event, the conference floor was buzzing with chatter about the rapidly evolving innovations in the CX space. Every business in attendance had something phenomenal to share, whether it involved the announcement of a new partnership, product, or industry insights.

UJET, a leading contact center solution provider, was providing insights into its innovative technology, following an exciting year of transformation and development. I caught up with Vasili Triant, the Chief Operating Officer at UJET, to get his insights into the evolving marketplace, and the new opportunities emerging for CX leaders.

Responding to the Changing CX Market

Vasili told us UJET customers, and the wider CX market is general is emphatically interested in making the final transition to “CCaaS” as the ultimate solution for the contact center. He believes this interest has been driven by a number of factors, from the increase of new solutions in the market, to the introduction of powerful tools like generative AI and large language models (LLMs).

At the same time, however, the technology market appears to be struggling. Even massive businesses are still announcing layoffs and budget reductions, but UJET believes this won’t stop organizations from investing in the next generation of AI and CX technologies.

“Companies are growing more interested in learning how vendors are going to improve automation in their business, leveraging new solutions like these large language models. While there’s a lot of hype around the name of ChatGPT right now, the real value is going to come from companies that can actually leverage intelligent solutions to solve real problems.”

Following an enhanced partnership with Google Cloud, UJET is working hard to really differentiate itself in this evolving space. They’re taking advantage of the functionality Google can offer with the CCAI solution, and they’re looking at ways of using the technology available to minimize company and customer frustrations. “We’re not just embedding AI into solutions, we’re looking at how we can use large language models to deliver better, smarter solutions for customers. We’re investing in creating a free flow of information in the contact center.”

Looking into the Future

Vasili told us he believes there are going to be a lot of changes to the marketplace in the next year.

“Big companies are going to be under a lot of pressure to adapt and survive in the current economic landscape. We’re likely to see a lot of third-party integrations and unique solutions emerging to help facilitate the migration into the new age of CCaaS.”

At the same time, Vasili believes customers the hype around generative AI and large language models is going to evolve, to the point where customers start asking more questions about which problems these solutions can actively solve. “The technology is only as good as the information out there, and there’s still a lot of work to be done, particularly in terms of preserving security and governance.”

Moving into the future, Vasili believes companies will need to take an ethical, and strategic approach with solutions like generative AI. “The potential is great, but caution is definitely warranted.”

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