Capacity, Citeline Connect Ally on AI Trial Recruitment

William Smith

The support automation and helpdesk platform will support Citeline Connect in clinical trial recruitment

Capacity, Citeline Connect Ally on AI Trial Recruitment

Support automation platform Capacity has announced a partnership with clinical trial recruitment platform Citeline Connect to leverage AI in the pursuit of potential study participants. 

The two companies joined to launch Moderna’s clinical trial recruitment website with an AI-powered chatbot to drive engagement. Users are able to complete registration and pre-screening via a self-service interface which utilises Capacity’s natural language processing capabilities. 

“Our work with Citeline Connect is reflective of our ultimate goal at Capacity, leveraging a company’s existing knowledge base with support automation to help teams do their best work,” said David Karandish, CEO of Capacity. “As we see relief from the COVID-19 pandemic on the horizon, there is still a way to go before we are in the clear. In working with Citeline Connect, we’re honoured to have the opportunity to provide helpful technology for healthcare providers, researchers, and patients.” 

The chatbot aims to improve the patient experience by drawing from a knowledge base to answer any questions. 

“We are proud of our ability to create more opportunities for the public to engage with important clinical trials,” said Chris Venezia, chief commercial officer at Citeline Connect. “Working with Capacity is a no-brainer to provide an extensive solution that meets the needs of potential patients and the clinical trial sponsors. They make it easy for both potential and current study participants to ask questions, find clinical trial information, and begin their study enrollment journey.” 

The news comes after Capacity secured $11mn of Series C funding late last year, bringing total funding to $34mn. The company framed its success as being in part powered by the demand for digital transformation due to COVID-19. 

“Because of the way our society is moving, organisations can’t limit their customer service – or employee service – to the eight-hour work day,” said David Karandish. “Companies must add automation to their tech stacks to keep up with customers. With our Series C, we’re taking Capacity’s power to the next level so organisations can spend less time on level zero questions and processes and more time on value-adding tasks. We all know how helpful virtual assistants like Siri can be and it’s time that they enter the workplace.” 



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