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Published: May 18, 2023

Rebekah Carter

For many ecommerce companies working in a global landscape, few things are more important than excellent communication, both with customers, and between agents. Unfortunately, countless factors can lead to disruption in an ecommerce business, from distributed marketing and sales teams to complex omnichannel customer service environments.  

Crown Bees, an online business in the ecommerce sector, offers supplies, equipment, and house kits for beekeeping specialists. Not so long ago, the company noted its business practices were disorganized and chaotic, leading to problems with productivity, and customer satisfaction.  

As the company continued to evolve, it decided it needed a more unified environment, where everyone could manage support inquiries, inventory, and sales orders in the same place. Fortunately, Crown Bees found Zoho, and Zoho One 

Aligning Disconnected Ecosystems 

For years before implementing the Zoho One solution, Crown Bees had already been using tools like Zoho Projects. The all-in-one solution for marketing, sales, desk, and CRM solutions seemed like the perfect way for the business to unify and align its operations in the digital landscape. Within Zoho One, Crown Bees is now using automated campaigns, desk tools for collaboration, CRM solutions, and analytics, to enhance their performance on a massive scale.

The brand has been able to take numerous steps to increase sales, automate marketing strategies, and enhance customer care, with an all-in-one landscape that empowers their employees. According to Crown Bees, through Zoho One, the team can now communicate with different segments of their audience more effectively, personalizing messages and delivering more relevant service.

The Zoho Analytics dashboard allows teams to access useful score cards and budget reports, to provide time-saving insights. Even the marketing team has been able to cut down on 25% of their repetitive tasks, streamlining day-to-day operations. According to the company, before Zoho One, the team was constantly struggling to meet deadlines. Now, they’re scheduling campaigns weeks in advance, and responding more rapidly to consumer needs.

Access to in-built project management tools has also had a huge impact on Crown Bees’ performance. According to the team, they previously didn’t have any organizational solutions in place for managing projects. However, with Zoho Projects, communication and collaboration has improved significantly.

Discovering Amazing Outcomes 

Implementing an integrated solution for employee collaboration, CRM, marketing, sales and service has allowed Crown Bees to unlock new levels of productivity within their teams. The business noted that, as a result of the new technology, their sales have increased drastically, with a year-over-year growth of around 22%. Additionally, the brand believes it is reaching people more effectively with its automated campaigns.

Fine tuning their processes with a comprehensive toolkit has allowed Crown Bees to focus more heavily on customer service, which has in turn led to greater revenue. Additionally, the Zoho landscape has enabled the business to explore new modes of reaching its customers, through events, webinars, and other unique campaigns.  


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