Personalized Content Is “Boring” and “Unhelpful,” Say 50% of UK Consumers

70 percent are also frustrated by targeted promotions irrelevant to their interests

Personalized Content is “Boring” and “Unhelpful,” Say 50% of UK Consumers
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Published: August 4, 2023

Zen Bahar

Over half (51 percent) of UK consumers feel that the personalized content they receive online is “boring” and “unhelpful.” 

The statistic stems from a 2023 report by Optimizely, which also found that 70 percent of UK consumers remain frustrated by targeted promotions irrelevant to their interests. 

Based on a comprehensive study of 100 UK marketing leaders and 1,000 UK consumers, the Personalized to Personal report reveals that “over half of consumers are more loyal to a brand that takes the time to understand them on a deeper, more personal level.” 

However, 71 percent of marketers admit that generalizations about their audience and outdated technology still inform their campaigns – pointing to a growing gap between the personalized experiences consumers desire and what brands communicate.  

Shafqat Islam, CMO of Optimizely, urges marketers to update their technology to avoid missing out on the strong growth opportunities a data-led personalization strategy provides.  

In 2023, delivering truly personalized content is essential to meet individuals’ interests and needs, as well as to foster brand loyalty, but when marketers use outdated technology, it’s nearly impossible for them to meet customers’ expectations regularly.

But technology isn’t the only challenge marketers face. Consumer information is often stuck in silos, making it difficult for marketers to merge data to make it available for personalization.  

To overcome this, marketing leaders could consider adopting a content marketing platform where teams can organize workflows, collaborate on assets, and efficiently run campaigns.  

According to Optimizely – a Magic Quadrant leader in Digital Experience Platforms – marketers can dedicate more time to crafting and refining content to deliver hyper-personalized messaging by simplifying the content creation process.  

More insights from Optimizely’s Personalized to Personal report 

The Personalized to Personal report from Optimizely reveals many of the challenges marketers face and offers ways to overcome them. Standout findings include:  

  • 85% of Americans say they are online daily, making it worthwhile for marketers to begin leveraging the latest digital marketing strategies.  
  • Micro-influencers, or individuals with 10,000 to 50,000 followers, tend to hold the highest engagement rates across multiple social media platforms.  
  • 50% of consumers become loyal to brands they trust, and building trust is the fastest way for marketers to achieve hyper-personalization.  

By conducting this research, Optimizely aims to help companies unlock their digital potential by uncovering the latest insights into the digital customer experience.  



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