Salesforce Partners With TikTok to Expand Its Social Commerce Offerings

The move aims to support businesses in engaging with social-media-savvy shoppers

Salesforce Partners With TikTok to Expand Its Social Commerce Offerings
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Published: June 7, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Salesforce has expanded its social commerce portfolio by providing solutions to support clients in building sales experiences on TikTok.

Launching a partnership with the social media giant, Salesforce has made three additions to its Commerce Cloud platform that will also support brands in making their products more discoverable via the app.

Yet, that is not all, as highlighted within the descriptions of the three new features below:

  • Automated Campaign Delivery – Companies can sync with pre-existing campaigns created within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and hosted on other social channels. In doing so, they can launch advertising promotions on TikTok with just one click.
  • TikTok Pixel and Advanced Matching – Commerce Cloud customers can access TikTok Pixel, making it easier to analyze and optimize the performance of advertising campaigns. This comes with an Advanced Matching capability that allows commerce teams to target TikTok adverts and build a bigger following.
  • Dynamic Video and Collection Ads – These enable commerce teams to design and create a seamless, custom sales journey from video discovery to purchase on TikTok.

In releasing these capabilities, Salesforce hopes to allow clients to ride the surging social commerce wave as the vendor reports that almost one in every ten purchases now happens on social media.

With TikTok racing to over a billion monthly users and becoming the latest mainstream social media platform, it has fast become the next battleground for social commerce.

Seizing upon these trends, Salesforce has released solutions to help brands understand today’s social shoppers, curate better content, and streamline the sales process.

Such a strategy extends beyond TikTok, as Scot Gillespie, GM of Commerce Cloud, said:

The boundaries of commerce must extend beyond any single channel and, on the back end, data has to flow across those channels so companies can deliver connected experiences efficiently.

“We’ve already made great strides in helping brands leverage the power of Customer 360 to seamlessly connect with their customers on social through integrations with platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and our partnership with TikTok is the next crucial piece of the puzzle.”

Further Salesforce research highlights the value of a connected social commerce channel strategy. Indeed, its 2022 State of Connected Customer report highlights that 57 percent of customers prefer to engage with companies via digital channels instead of voice. This figure rises to 65 percent for Gen Z and millennial customers.

Moreover, 61 percent of consumers say that they will likely use social media for shopping more over the next three years, with sales through TikTok continuing to grow.

Discussing this status quo, Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at TikTok, added:

TikTok is home to a new kind of commerce experience, where community, entertainment, and commerce blend, creating unique opportunities to engage with consumers and drive impactful results.

Elsewhere, Salesforce has recently hit the headlines for several other deals, including its acquisition of, a bot service that retrieves information from various systems and brings it to life in Slack.

Meanwhile, the vendor also teamed up with Alibaba Group to launch Salesforce Social Commerce for China – which will now give the new TikTok innovations an even greater scope.



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