Twilio Prepares to Launch Its Engage Solution

Charlie Mitchell

The CCaaS provider teased the release of its latest CX tool during a recent earnings call

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Twilio Prepares to Launch Its Engage Solution

Twilio Engage will become generally available before the end of the year.

The tool, which Twilio believe is “the first growth solution built on a customer data platform (CDP),” promises to empower developers and marketers to build digital experiences faster.

Two years in the making, Twilio Engage builds on the technology that the provider gained in its acquisition of Segment in 2020. In doing so, it equips CX design teams with the data to unlock improved, hyper-personalized experiences.

Sharing more details of the soon to be available capabilities during an earnings call, Jeff Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO at Twilio, said:

We can tell the marketer not just this campaign got this many opens and clicks… they can say, hey, this campaign resulted in this amount of dollars of sales. This campaign is working.

Such a capability allows marketeers to justify spending on Twilio Engage as they can easily quantify how much money it generates.

Also, the platform will help CX teams squeeze further value from the data they spend lots of resources gathering, preparing, and cleaning. They can activate its value and become more strategic instead of blindly sending campaigns and measuring their impact.

An approach of this ilk empowers the modern marketer, according to Lawson. He stated:

Modern marketers are saying: I need to understand my customer. I need to personalize the journey that that customer is on and pay really good attention to them so that they become loyal, happy, repeat customers.

During the earnings call, Twilio also revealed plans to enhance two-way messaging, a staple of their vision for future digital customer experiences.

These plans will enhance the API layer that connects the dots between conversations than span various engagement channels, creating a clear-cut view of an individual’s interaction history.

Lawson promises that future enhancements will cater to an environment where: “Two-way conversation is the future of how [companies] build a real relationship with their customers.”

Yet, in the current climate, many CX and marketing teams struggle to deliver a messaging strategy that meets customer preferences. 2022 Twilio research even suggests that 24% of global consumers pinpoint irrelevant communications as their top brand turnoff.

The extension of the Twilio’s API offerings will help overcome such issues, alongside the Twilio Engage platform that personalizes customer communication and builds campaigns for specific marketing use cases.

Its release later this year may enhance Twilio’s earnings, which are reaching record highs as the vendor achieved $875.4 million in revenues in the first quarter of 2022, up 48% year-over-year.



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