Verizon Launches a Dedicated Customer Experience Organization

A new Chief Customer Experience Officer will lead the consumer group

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Published: February 9, 2024

James Stephen

Verizon has pledged to build an organization that focuses on creating quality customer and employee experiences, headed by the company’s first-ever Chief Customer Experience Officer.

Brian Higgins will seize that position and report to Verizon’s Consumer CEO Sowmyanarayan Sampath.

Meanwhile, former Walmart executive Dory Butler will serve as Senior Vice President of Customer Experience.

Verizon has revealed that its Customer Experience Organization will transform the way it serves customers and how its employees engage with them.

To do so, the prominent network provider has plans to invest in AI, personalization, and digital channels.

The overarching goal? To provide excellent experiences at “every touchpoint” of the consumer journey.

Sampath expressed his confidence in the value that the new organization will bring to its customers: “Everything starts with the customer, and we have a big opportunity to connect with them in a way we’ve never done before.

It begins and ends with the customer experience, which we are dedicated to improving, and the new Customer Experience organisation is laser focused on just that. I have no doubt our customers will see meaningful benefits as a result.

Higgins was previously Verizon’s Vice President of Device Marketing and Consumer Product, through which he spearheaded the company’s product and marketing divisions.

His responsibilities have increased throughout his time at Verizon, which include network implementation, product development, and long-term technology planning.

A Dedicated CX Team

Alongside networks, Verizon offers customer experience solutions and has a deep relationship with CCaaS Magic Quadrant leader Genesys.

Via this partnership, Verizon strives to ensure high-quality voice experiences, clearer call recordings, and more accurate conversational analytics and reporting.

The company may also help scale network access for contact centers based on business needs and seasonal trends.

So, as Verizon increasingly talks the CX talk, it must walk the CX walk – and this dedicated team is perhaps a nod to that.

From the press release, this team seems likely to start with journey orchestration before developing new customer-focused products – unique to Verizon – that will maximize the opportunities they spot to enhance customer experience.

To do so, it may receive advice from its CX partner Genesys, which has shared lots of guidance for getting started with customer journey orchestration.


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