Calabrio ONE Review: An Intelligent CX Toolkit 

An introduction to Cabrio ONE for engagement 

Calabrio ONE Review: An Intelligent CX Toolkit 
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Last Edited: May 15, 2022

Rebekah Carter

This Calabrio ONE review should tell you everything you need to know about the engagement toolkit from Calabrio. Thriving in a new age of customer experience, when expectations are higher than ever, requires a holistic strategy. 

Today’s business leaders need to understand how to interact with their customers at every buyer journey stage, on multiple channels, with consistently personalised experiences. 

Fortunately, there are tools available to help the modern workforce. Calabrio ONE is a comprehensive solution for business leaders looking for ways to unlock the value in their customer interaction journey. This suite, powered by the cloud, combines a complete workforce engagement suite with voice-of-the-customer analytics and extensive business intelligence tools.  

With Calabrio ONE, companies can capture customer interactions across every channel, track employee performance and even predict the next actions of their target customer. Let’s explore the features and benefits of Calabrio ONE. 

Calabrio ONE Review: Features 

Calabrio ONE is an all-in-one landscape for companies to track performance, examine customer interactions, and work on consistently optimising the customer experience. With access to interactive analytics across all channels, you can more easily elevate customer experiences while boosting employee engagement and efficiency levels too.  

Calabrio ONE works in the cloud to connect the various components of a comprehensive customer experience strategy. The solution allows business leaders to access the latest in analytical tools and insights without a significant amount of initial investment. The features of Calabrio ONE include: 

  • Call recording: Capture 100% of customer interactions with access to robust metadata for easy searching through hundreds of hours of content
  • Quality management: Take advantage of every interaction. Strengthen relationships, deepen loyalty, and drive measurable impact across businesses with automated recording, reporting and evaluation to help you make business decisions
  • Feedback loops: Engage and motivate agents with feedback loops and use intelligent analytics to find out where your teams need additional help
  • Workforce management: Calabrio WFM provides access to extensive planning and management features so you can enhance your operations through advanced forecasting, scheduling, and intelligent automation features
  • Calabrio analytics: Combined desktop, speech, and text analytics in an aligned solution. Extract insights to drive change in your contact centre with visual reports
  • Advanced reporting: Cross-platform intuitive reporting tools help you to access the insights you need for intelligent decision-making skills
  • Integrations: pre-built integrations top blend data in multiple formats from various sources inside and outside of the contact centre, for end-to-end visibility

Calabrio ONE allows businesses to capture customer interactions and workforce information across all channels, with an intelligent solution capable of scaling to suit your needs. The cloud-based AI and ML applications ensure you can get the most out of your data-driven insights, predict trends, and even drive proactive changes throughout your workforce. 

Calabrio ONE Review: Benefits 

An incredible option for the future of flexible, cloud-based customer service strategies, Calabrio ONE gives you access to the latest and greatest tools for analytics and optimisation with no surprise costs. The solution makes it quick and simple for businesses of all sizes to reinvent their digital environments and unlock new capabilities without overwhelming investments.  

Calabrio ONE users also get access to built-in security, compliance, and continuity tools for peace of mind, and you can contact Calabrio to get a personalised deployment too. Some of the biggest benefits of Calabrio ONE include: 

  • More engaged employees: Extensive workforce management and engagement tools help you to empower your employees in every stage of the customer journey. You can give your employees more freedom, allowing them to work in a more hybrid, flexible environment. Staff can change schedules where necessary, and access information about how to improve their skills with useful feedback loops. You can even use evaluation workflows and scorecards to bring gamification into the motivation strategy
  • Invest in constant optimisation: Access to a wide range of analytics and insights throughout the entire customer journey ensures you can make more intelligent decisions about where to make changes. You can see where you need to train your staff by looking at long-term trends or using timely feedback for agents to show your employees what they need to do at the moment to improve. There’s also access to information about customer sentiment and preference, so you know what clients want from you
  • Comprehensive omni-channel insights: With Calabrio ONE, you can capture every interaction across multiple channels, from chat and voice to social media. There are speech, web, and text analytics located in the same place to help you pull deeper insights from the information you capture. Plus, the end-to-end approach to data management means you can eliminate silos in your data and see a more holistic view of the customer journey
  • Convenient integrations: Easily integrate the other tools you use in your business with Calabrio ONE for more immersive insights. You can connect things like ACDs and CRMs into the ONE environment for a complete repository of CX and workforce information. When all of your data is located in the same place, you can see opportunities emerging more clearly, accessing opportunities for predictive and proactive customer service
  • Endless innovation: Based in the cloud, Calabrio ONE delivers the latest in analytics and AI technology to help you grow your business. Machine-learning fuelled technology and powerful, evolving features ensure you can stay one step ahead of the competition in everything from quality and workforce management to predictive analytics

Calabrio ONE Review: Verdict 

In today’s competitive world, a better understanding of your customer can often lead to new opportunities, better sales, and stronger business outcomes. With Calabrio ONE, you get not only a comprehensive view of your target audience, but your workforce and operations too. ONE gives you all the information you need to make important decisions on the operation and growth of your company.  

Whether you’re hoping to build a more engaged and motivated team, you want to improve the quality of your customer conversations, or you hope to take a more proactive approach to customer service, the Calabrio ONE ecosystem could be the perfect investment for you.  



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