Intercom Conversational Support Funnel Review: An Effective Self-Service Solution

A scalable self-serve support layer 

Intercom Conversational Support Funnel Review An Effective Self-Service Solution
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Published: November 16, 2021

Rebekah Carter

It’s no secret that self-service technology is gaining popularity at an incredible rate. Around 70% of customers say they now expect a company’s website to include some form of self-service application. The majority of today’s digitally-savvy consumers will prefer to look for a solution themselves before they consider talking to a customer service agent.  

This new demand for self-service opportunities can be a good thing for your CX strategy. Invest in the right tools, and you can provide your clients with the fast-paced resolutions they’re looking for while taking pressure off your employees.  

The question is, where do you get started with your new support layer? 

The Intercom Conversational Support Funnel could be the answer. This self-service support solution allows companies to automatically resolve repetitive questions using help articles and chatbots, leading to faster results for customers. 

Intercom Conversational Support Funnel Review: Features 

Intercom’s Conversational Support Funnel provides companies with an easy way to leverage the benefits of the self-service support avenue. The solution comes with a full starter kit, so companies can learn how to effectively combine human interactions with self-service and proactive support. According to Intercom, this ensures businesses can sort through repetitive queries faster, impress their audience, and make the most out of their human resources.  

As part of the full support kit, you get not just the conversational support funnel technology framework but an interactive worksheet for faster-personalised support, and tips on how to improve customer relationships. There’s a guide for boosting team engagement too. Features of the Intercom self-serve support layer include: 

  • Access to customisable chatbots 
  • FAQ publishing tools 
  • No-code technology frameworks 
  • Instant sharing of documents and information 
  • Embedding for apps and integrations 
  • Content showcase integrations 
  • Support kit guidance and tips 

Essentially, Intercom’s Conversational Support Funnel combines the various tools companies need to run a more effective self-service solution, with minimal headaches.  

You can make it easier for customers to self-serve by designing help centre articles and FAQ content, available from your mobile app, product, or website. There’s also custom bot creation with no coding required and resolution bots for automatically dealing with common issues.  

Intercom Conversational Support Funnel ReviewBenefits 

As customers continue to prioritise simplicity, convenience and speed when choosing how to interact with brands, products like the Intercom Conversational Support Funnel are growing increasingly appealing. Today’s brands need to invest in self-service opportunities if they want to compete. Modern consumers would often much rather solve an issue themselves, rather than having to talk to a customer service agent in most cases.  

The conversational support funnel combines simple concepts, like help desk articles, with resolution bots and chatbots capable of supplementing your human employees. Some of the biggest benefits of the support funnel include: 

  • Improve customer experience: Embedding self-service opportunities into your customer service strategy means giving your customers more options for how they get help. With chatbots and articles, you can help customers to help themselves, reducing the pressure on your employees, and improving customer satisfaction simultaneously. You can even provide a more personaliaed experience, by targeting audience members with the right information
  • Easy to use: The Intercom Conversational Support Funnel is easy to use, with simple publishing tools to help you create and publish content in a matter of minutes. When it comes to building chatbots, you don’t need any code or technological experience to get started. Anyone can build a bot and embed their own apps and integrations into the tool 
  • Create quick custom bots: Creating custom bots with the Intercom Conversational Support Funnel is a breeze. There are templates to get you started, and you can implement your own unique features based on the needs of your business. Your bots can collect valuable information up-front, help you to prioritise important issues, and even assist with routing customers to the right members of the team for service
  • Resolve issues automatically: The resolution bot included as part of the Intercom toolkit supports businesses in resolving common customer problems quickly. This automated bot solution is a machine-learning tool that’s easy to train, and ideal for handling repetitive questions. According to Intercom, the resolution bot can reduce the frequency of repetitive questions by around 33%
  • Step by step guidance: Intercom makes it easy for companies to embrace the benefits of self-service, with guides teaching you how to combine the multiple facets of excellent customer support. You’ll get tips on how to decide when to offer automated assistance, and when an issue needs to be passed to a human agent. There’s also access to various step-by-step suggestions in the conversational funnel guide

Who Needs the Intercom Conversational Support Funnel? 

The Intercom Conversational Support Funnel is a simple and accessible entryway into the world of self-service support. If you want to reduce the pressure on your service agents and improve customer satisfaction at the same time, Intercom has you covered. The Conversational Support Funnel combines easy-to-use content creation tools with code-free bot development.  

You even have the freedom to integrate your own apps and features into the Conversational ecosystem, which means your approach to customer experience can adapt to suit your business. 

Intercom Conversational Support Funnel Review: Verdict 

These days, offering self-service as a customer support strategy is less of a “nice to have an option” and more of a mandatory requirement. We’re living in an age of digitally-savvy customers who want the opportunity to address issues themselves before they deal with a support agent, or the long queues in a contact centre. With Intercom Conversational Support Funnel, you can offer multiple methods of self-service, from automated problem resolution for repetitive issues, to help desk articles and chatbots. 

Easy-to-use and equipped with plenty of guidance to walk you through the basics of combining self-service and traditional service, Intercom’s technology is ideal for all kinds of business leaders. With this solution, you can delight your target audience, and reduce the pressure on your agents too.  



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