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Noble Cloud Contact Centre Review
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Last Edited: August 24, 2021

Rebekah Carter

The contact centre is one of the most important parts of any company. With this technology, it’s possible to bridge the gap between brands and their consumers, paving the way for service, sales, support, and even the development of ongoing relationships.  

Noble Systems, a leader in intelligent technology for the modern CX environment, offers the “Noble Contact Centre” or Noble CC, as a cloud-based hub for conversation optimisation. The unified platform is an all-in-one environment for performance and productivity, enhancing the effectiveness of customer discussions, and driving stronger opportunities for today’s agents.  

With Noble CC, organisations can build effective and scalable solutions for communication, collaboration, and customer service, in one environment. Let’s take a closer look. 

Noble Cloud Contact Centre Review: Features 

The Noble Cloud Contact Centre is an all-in-one digital contact centre, equipped with the critical technology today’s businesses need most. Companies can access a selection of both outbound and inbound offerings, with endless flexibility. The Noble CC software even integrates with a host of tools companies may already be using in the contact centre.  

Noble Contact Centre features everything from full-featured predictive dialling, to intelligent contact routing, simple IVR deployment, and omni-channel communications. Features include: 

  • Noble IVR: IVR with touch-tone and voice command for routing calls through the Noble ACD, providing information to callers, collecting data for agents, and even processing payments. IVR can be combined with ASR and TTS
  • Noble Harmony: An intuitive management desktop to set up and track contact centre applications. Expanded features allow for extra control of resources and programs, with dashboards for managing agents
  • Noble Composer: Composer gives agents a simple and efficient contact centre environment, combining flexible scripting features with a graphical layout and WYSIWYG design tool to build agent screens
  • Noble Reports: A complete package of tools for tracking historical and real-time performance data. A management portal is included to help with generating faster reports according to templates or specific requests
  • Noble Recorder: The Recorder digitally collects and files agent calls, allowing companies to manage high-quality records in seconds, with integrated screen captures
  • Noble compliance: A solution to help companies remain compliant with a range of regulations including PCI, HIPAA, Ofcom, TSR, ACMA, and others. You can also scrub call lists on a per-campaign basis
  • Noble Inbound: The inbound contact centre solution is a unified environment for managing inbound communications in a queue. The solution uses skills-based call routing and works with emails, chats, and faxes too. There’s digital messaging, multi-site networking, priority queuing and PBX integration available
  • Noble Outbound: With Outbound, companies can automate and organise campaigns to increase call volumes. The dialler offers list control, call management, workflow management, and more, with a robust database
  • Noble Multi-session: This solution maximizes productivity with omni-channel and multi-session agent assignment, allowing agents to handle a range of voice and non-voice conversations at the same time. There’s even tracking for time and activities

Noble Cloud Contact Centre Review: Benefits 

Noble’s modular approach to contact centre technology ensures all kinds of companies can enhance and maintain stronger conversations with their customers. Whether you’re dealing with inbound, outbound, or blended environments, the comprehensive suite of tools will enhance any customer journey.  

The solution comes with full predictive dialling, intelligent routing, and omni-channel support, as well as a range of powerful management tools and intuitive desktops. Noble can even build contact centre solutions specifically for the needs of your industry. Some of the biggest benefits include: 

  • Excellent agent efficiency: The comprehensive and intelligent contact centre technology from Noble Systems boosts agent efficiency with automated workflows, customisable agent dashboards, and instant access to information. Companies can unify a host of omni-channel communications environments into a single environment for tracking discussions. Plus, there’s support for real-time performance feedback, to track agent activities
  • Improved customer interactions: Blended omni-channel strategies means your agents can connect with your customers however they choose. The Noble Systems solution includes support for flexible workflows, cross-channel customer journey management, and skills-based routing, so every customer interaction is primed for success. To help you support a higher number of customers, the contact centre also comes with self-service features
  • Enhanced insights: An award-winning suit of blended, inbound, and outbound contact centre features makes it much easier to track important patterns and trends in your business. You can gain real-time views into agent activity, drill down into crucial data about your audience, and access historical performance reporting to predict potential trends
  • Support for managers: Particularly in today’s hybrid workplace, it’s important to have a contact center that supports workplace tracking. The Noble Systems Contact Centre offers excellent workflow and list management for managers, along with real-time monitoring and reporting to track agent success rates. The mobile accessibility means you can access insights anywhere, and Noble’s dashboard creation features mean everyone can always have access to the right information
  • Complete flexibility: The modular approach Noble Systems takes to contact centre technology ensures businesses can access all the features they need, in a format that suits them. There’s even the option to design a specific contact centre solution for your industry with help from the Noble team

Noble Cloud Contact Centre Review: Verdict 

Offering a combination of Inbound, Outbound, and Blended contact centre solutions, Noble CC is one of the more flexible tools in the market for customer experience. This end-to-end solution brings conversations together from multiple applications and platforms, allowing agents to better track and support the customer journey.  

Managers can examine the performance of their team wherever they are and set up automated workflows and custom dashboards to boost productivity. At the same time, business leaders and decision-makers get access to an environment where they can consistently track important information about everything from customer satisfaction, to call handling times.  

Noble’s solution also comes with the ability to access extra features, like Noble IQ, if you want to combine your contact centre with a comprehensive tool for voice of the customer analytics. The extendable, scalable, and flexible environment will suit all kinds of companies.  



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