Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud Review: Freshsales 

Rebekah Carter

Introducing Freshsales from Freshworks 

Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud Review: Freshsales 

For sales, service and marketing professionals, there are few things more important than the right customer relationship management tools. Converting and retaining customers in the current marketplace is all about understanding exactly what your clients need. Tools like the Freshsales CRM sales cloud software from Freshworks can help with this. 

Freshsales is a dedicated sales CRM solution intended to help salespeople in the digital landscape engage more contextually with the right prospects. The Sales CRM solution from Freshworks will help to align the various functions in your company and show you how to grow customer relationships. 

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what you can do with help from the Freshsales CRM software.  

Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud Review: Features 

Freshworks CRM sales cloud or “Freshsales” is built around the idea that relationship management can often be viewed from different perspectives, depending on the role of the person connecting with a prospect. In the sales environment, companies need a tool that offers support for revenue forecasting, reports, and analytics.  

Crucially, Freshsales is more than just a tool for forecasting sales opportunities. A comprehensive sales CRM can help with aligning different teams and functions in your organisation. This tool also helps with finding the right buyers for opportunities, improving customer loyalty, and unlocking chances for better business growth. Features include: 

  • Contact and account management 
  • Contact lifecycle stages 
  • Built-in email, chat and phone communication 
  • Extensive customer support 
  • Mobile app access 
  • Visual sales pipeline 
  • AI-powered predictive contact scoring 
  • Product catalogues 
  • Sales sequences 
  • Custom dashboards and reporting 
  • Time-based workflows 
  • AI-powered deal insights 
  • Chat campaigns 
  • WhatsApp business access 
  • Custom modules 
  • Automatic profile enrichment 
  • AI-based forecasting 
  • Auditing logs 

Depending on the version of Freshsales you choose, you can also get a dedicated account manager to help you leverage the technology as effectively as possible. What’s more, Freshsales is a highly flexible cloud-based technology, which means it also integrates well with other leading business tools. You can connect Freshsales to systems like PayPal, Outlook, Slack, Xero, QuickBooks, and more. 

Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud ReviewBenefits 

Freshworks’ Freshsales CRM solution for the sales landscape is widely regarded as one of the top tools on the market for enabling sales teams. Chosen to appear in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Salesforce Automation in 2021, Freshsales promises a convenient way for companies to close deals faster with a better view of their clients. 

The Freshsales landscape improves seller effectiveness, by streamlining the overall sales environment, reducing IT complexity with an overall solution for insights, and so much more. You can even get access to AI tools like chatbots for managing customer questions more efficiently. Some of the biggest benefits of Freshworks sales cloud solution include: 

  • More contextual customer conversations: A CRM environment is crucial for understanding your target audience and delivering more meaningful conversations. With Freshsales, companies can use activity timelines to understand interest and customer engagement, access opportunities with predictive contact scoring, and more. You can also reach your target customer across multiple channels, from email and chat to SMS and phone calls
  • Valuable AI insights: Freshworks is an innovator in disruptive technology. It’s no surprise the Freshsales solution comes with access to a host of AI solutions for things like intelligent forecasting and profile enrichment. You can capture information from custom web forms and automatically analyse data with AI systems. There’s access to visitor intent analytics, AI chatbots for automating conversations and even AI sales suggestions
  • Faster deal closing: Freshsales provides companies with the tools they need to drive deals to their closing points as quickly as possible. Your AI-based deal insights make it easier to see where employees should be spending the majority of their time. There’s also access to integrations with tools like Slack, so your employees can collaborate when working on a conversion opportunity together
  • Extendibility: If you’re ready to go beyond the basics of a standard sales CRM, Freshsales also integrates with Freshdesk, for sales and service technology in one platform. Alternatively, you can use the comprehensive 360-degree view CRM to develop a deeper view of your target audience and their common paths to purchase. With automations available throughout the portfolio, upgrading your sales campaigns has never been easier
  • Ease of use: While today’s sales CRMs need to be comprehensive, they also need to be simple enough to use if you want to encourage adoption. The Freshsales CRM solution is suitable for a range of business use cases, with a simple and intuitive interface any business can use. Customer reviews call the technology one of the most accessible on the market

Who Needs the Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud? 

The Freshworks CRM sales cloud otherwise known as Freshsales is a leading solution designed specifically for evolving sales teams. If you want to ensure you can have more contextual, meaning conversations with sales leads, Freshworks has you covered.  

The Freshsales environment is easy to use and scalable, with integrations available for the tools your employees already use every day. Access to intelligent insights and automations ensures you can make your staff more efficient, regardless of whether they’re working in the office or remotely. In today’s fast-paced sales environment, anyone could benefit from a performance-boosting ecosystem like Freshsales.  

Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud Review: Verdict 

The Freshsales cloud CRM for sales teams is just one of the components available from Freshworks today, designed to make teams more profitable and efficient. If you’re trying to align your employees in a hybrid workforce, gain a better understanding of your customer’s purchasing journey, and improve overall conversions, Freshsales can help. The Freshworks sales cloud environment is easy-to-access, scalable, and brimming with intelligent, intuitive tools.  

For modern sales teams working harder to create new customer relationships and preserve loyalty in existing clients, Freshsales is a feature-rich and affordable solution. You can also unlock extra benefits if you’re willing to purchase additional connected software from Freshworks, like the Freshdesk environment for customer support.  



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