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Published: June 16, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Customer relationship management tools (CRMs) are among the most valuable resources available to business leaders today. Capable of offering a behind-the-scenes insight into your customer’s journey, CRM solutions help business leaders to deliver more memorable experiences to clients. 

Gartner believes CRM technology could represent one of the largest areas of enterprise spending as businesses look for new ways to strengthen their relationships with their audience. 

Of course, with so many different CRM solutions available to choose from in today’s digital landscape, it can be challenging to know which service is best suited to your needs. Reading through some behind-the-scenes reviews could give you the extra guidance to make the right decision. Here are our top CRM solution reviews for 2022.

Freshworks Freshsales 

Built for the modern sales team, the Freshworks “Freshsales” ecosystem provides an all-in-one landscape where professionals can collect critical information about their clients at every stage of the purchasing journey. This easy-to-use and convenient CRM solution comes with comprehensive tools for tracking contact lifecycles and built-in chat, email, and phone communication tools.

Freshsales helps to align teams across your workforce around a shared “customer-first” vision, with AI-powered predictive scoring and a simple visual sales pipeline. You can even access tools for collaboration to bring hybrid and remote workers together.

Our Freshworks Freshsales review will tell you everything you need to know about this powerful tool, with its AI deal insights, time-based workflows, custom dashboards, and reporting tools. We even cover the biggest benefits you can expect to access when using this service.

Zendesk Sunshine

A phenomenal part of the wider Zendesk ecosystem for sales, service, and support, the “Sunshine” CRM comprises four central segments ready to guide your team towards success. The core of the technology starts with a robust profiling centre, where you can consolidate customer information, track contact centre details, and even manage bills in one location. 

Zendesk Sunshine makes it easy to track important events in the customer lifecycle and even differentiate between different segments of customers with tags and distinctive “objects”. There’s also a built-in conversational hub where you can unify messages from various channels into a single tool for all of your team members to track. 

In this Zendesk Sunshine review, you’ll learn about all of the unique pillars of tools that make Sunshine special and discover some of the service’s biggest benefits. There’s even an insight into the workflows and automation elements of the tool. 

Zoho One

Most people with a basic knowledge of CRM solutions are familiar with Zoho. One of the top providers on the market for sales and productivity, Zoho offers the “One” environment for tracking customer engagement and managing experiences. The “One” space comes with a wide range of tools created for different purposes, like turning leads into cash with automated sales processes.

Withn Zoho One, you can access a comprehensive journey mapping feature with repeatable steps to help guide your team members. There are digital signature and expense tracking tools, so you can make sure you’re not falling behind on crucial tasks when managing customer relationships, and you can even set up your automation. 

Check out our Zoho One review for a complete overview of all the features included in the “One” experience, from extensive customer segmentation based on location and purchase history to personalised content creation. Zoho One even comes with a range of more than 500 reports for tracking the results of your efforts. 


SAP is one of the better-known companies in the customer service and sales management ecosystem. For many businesses worldwide, the SAP CRM represents one of the most effective tools for improving customer service. The tool has dynamic customer profiling, real-time insights into consumer intent, and comprehensive profiles. 

With trusted cloud-based data management features and intelligent insights offered by AI and machine learning, you can make the most of all the data you collect to build custom sales and service plans for your target audience. The environment is built to make taking advantage of critical easy as straightforward as possible. You can even segment your audience in a range of different ways. 

During our SAP CRM review, we discuss some of the significant features that make this leading software solution such a powerful tool for modern teams. We’ll cover everything from the precise customer targeting features to cross-channel journey orchestration and built-in collaboration for teams. zohozende

Pipeline CRM

One of the most comprehensive CRM solutions for sales teams focusing on data, Pipeline CRM, has delivered incredible results for a wide range of companies. No matter which package you choose for your service, you’ll get a fantastic result, with GDPR compliance, 24/7 support, and in-depth security built-in.

Pipeline CRM comes with a vast range of features for managing leads and deals, including custom pipelines and merging for duplicate data. You’ll also have an ecosystem where you can easily keep track of communications from multiple different channels in one place. The Pipeline CRM solution comes with meeting scheduling and calling and a comprehensive email inbox. 

With integrations already available for more than 150 different tools, you should have no problem aligning your new Pipeline technology with the CX solutions you already use in your team. Check out our full Pipeline CRM review to learn more about the distinctive features this solution can offer. 

With a host of powerful CRM tools now available from leading technology brands worldwide, you’re sure to find something suited to your needs. If you’re struggling to choose between two market-leading services, you can always check out our comparison pages. 


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