Salesforce Customer 360 Review

Rebekah Carter

Salesforce Customer 360 is an entire integrated CRM system built to suit your brand

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Salesforce Customer 360 Review

Companies are under more pressure than ever to deliver unforgettable experiences to their customers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with an issue over the phone or responding to a message online; your customer will judge your entire business by the quality of each interaction.

Unfortunately for brands, clients now have higher expectations. Around three-quarters of customers say they expect companies to understand their needs automatically. Those customers also expect you to offer a highly informed and contextual interaction across multiple channels, with minimal wait times and errors.

As the world’s leading tool for Customer Relationship Management, Salesforce knows a thing or two about delivering sensational CX. To deliver better CX outcomes for all organizations, the company created Salesforce Customer 360, a full suite of products built for the modern consumer.

Salesforce Customer 360: Features

Salesforce Customer 360 isn’t a single product but an entire integrated Customer Relationship Management system built to suit your brand. Companies have the freedom to mix-and-match functionality from all aspects of the Salesforce portfolio. You can start with something simple, like a range of features from the Salesforce Service Cloud, including omni-channel support, instant self-service portals, and built-in AI.

The more apps you add to your 360 experience, the more potential benefits you can unlock. Options include:

  • Service: The Service portfolio of Salesforce covers the world-leading features of one of the most complete CRMs on the market. There’s built-in AI, scalable omni-channel support on apps like Facebook Messenger, chat, SMS, and more. You can also design and implement your own chatbots for self-service
  • Sales: The Salesforce Sales cloud improves your chances of sales anywhere, with instant insights into lead scores, activity capture, and opportunities
  • Marketing: With the marketing apps, you can build 1-1 customer journeys across multiple platforms and departments, accessing Salesforce’s email studio, mobile studio, advertising, and social studio, among other capabilities
  • Commerce: Connected shopping experiences with AI recommendations, easy automated sales processes, and commerce experiences on web, mobile, and social media
  • Analytics: The analytics features of Customer 360 make it easier to understand your audience through features like Salesforce Tableau, and AI insights
  • Integrations: You can integrate your Salesforce experience with a host of leading apps or build your own integration using APIs
  • Platform: Build mobile experiences, experiment with blockchain, or create conversational experiences on the same shared platform
  • Employees: Empower employees with dedicated portals and insights, as well as learning experiences to take your teams to the next level
  • Partners: Use the Trailhead partners section of Salesforce to unlock new functionality with pre-integrated apps for your CRM
  • Success: Get certified experts to help with everything from organisational health reports to continued technical guidance

Salesforce Customer 360: Benefits

Customer 360 from Salesforce makes it easy for business leaders to build the ultimate customer experience from a granular environment that can adapt to suit them. You can choose the features you want from a huge portfolio of capabilities. Some organisations might just want to use the market-leading sales solutions for a single department, while others will want an end-to-end service. Salesforce Customer 360 is:

  • Flexible: Few CRM solutions are designed to offer as much flexibility as Salesforce Customer 360. You can choose the ideal mix of solutions for any team or industry from a host of sales, services, marketing, and commerce systems
  • Comprehensive: Salesforce Customer 360 promises an end-to-end view of your customer’s journey, so you can understand what each client needs from you. A better view of your client means a faster time to value, with more insightful business analytics
  • Intelligence: Salesforce is one of the market-leading companies in bringing intelligent technology into customer service. AI-powered personalisation elements make it easier to upgrade your cx strategy. You can even build bots for self-service
  • Reliability: Since customer service is now the most important factor differentiating your brand, you can’t afford to drop a call or miss out on an opportunity. Salesforce promises 99.99% uptime anywhere in the world
  • Immersive analytics: Drag-and-drop analysis appeals to every skill level. You can also build reports and visual insights that highlight valuable opportunities for business growth. Collaboration features even make it easier to share insights with teams

The single view created by the Customer 365 landscape doesn’t just improve customer experience; it also helps you to maintain more accurate insights into business operations.

Salesforce Customer 360: Target Market

One of the things that makes Salesforce Customer 360 so appealing in today’s marketplace is that it can suit any shape or size of a company. Salesforce offers dedicated industry modules for your CRM system if you have specific requirements for things like finance or healthcare document management. However, you can also unlock more generalised features to suit all brands.

The 360 CRM service intends to unit customer data across customer service, marketing, sales, and other backgrounds, regardless of skills or coding knowledge your employees have. There’s also an extensive ecosystem of partners and collaborators working with Salesforce to help companies design a more “single pane of glass” environment for CX.

Pricing plans are customised based on the services and products you want to access. You can choose an “Edition” package which combines popular features of the Customer 365 environment into a package. There’s the Customer 360 “Truth” portfolio, too, which is a portfolio of add-on products for consolidating customer identity, data, and personalised experiences.

Alternatively, you’ll also be able to build your own package module by module, with different tiers of functionality. Keep in mind that integrations with products in the AppExchange marketplace could increase the number of fees you need to pay.

Salesforce Customer 360: Verdict

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM providers in the world for a reason.

With access to leading AI tools like Einstein, built-in employee experience features for collaboration, and more, there’s something for everyone. You can even reskill and train your employees within Salesforce using your Customer 360 package.

Customer 360 from Salesforce is the end-to-end customer experience and support platform that adapts to suit your brand.



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