Freshworks FreshSales CRM Mobile Review: Data Access Offline 

Customer relationship management on the go 

Freshworks FreshSales CRM Mobile Review Data Access Offline 
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Published: November 1, 2021

Rebekah Carter

The CRM or Customer Relationship Management platform is one of the most important investments a business can make to enhance CX. Offering an all-in-one environment where you can track your growing connections with your audience, CRM solutions help companies to deliver more personalised, relevant, and contextual experiences.  

As companies everywhere continue to compete for the best customer satisfaction scores, there are dozens of CRM tools out there promising new ways to enhance the client journey. But what about technology that improves your agent’s experience, and CX at the same time? The flexible and versatile FreshSales Mobile could be the ideal solution.  

Freshworks’ FreshSales mobile allows users to access customer information on the move, make more informed business decisions and close more deals for sensational sales. Let’s see what this technology can do. 

Freshworks FreshSales Mobile Review: Features 

Freshworks is one of the better-known companies in the CRM landscape today, offering an excellent range of features to modern teams. The Freshworks Mobile application is just one component of the “FreshSales” ecosystem – a kit of tools created to enable better sales activities. Within the app, users can manage contacts, check deal information and track accounts on the move, while staying connected with crucial team members. 

Customisable to suit your day-to-day activities, the mobile app makes sure all the information and tools you need to deliver amazing customer experiences are just one tap away. You can schedule follow-up activities, take notes, or start a call all in the same app. Features include: 

  • Extensive customer information 
  • Activity tracking and follow-up task scheduling 
  • Unified email inbox 
  • Note-taking for important sales insights 
  • Task management 
  • Deal tracking 
  • Check-in feature for the presence 
  • Meeting schedule and calendar 
  • Outcome tracking for meetings 
  • Push notifications 
  • Reminders for upcoming tasks/appointments 
  • Email opening or link clicking notifications 
  • Customisable app design 
  • Key metric tracking 
  • Quick links to valuable information 
  • Data access offline 
  • Voice recording for notes 
  • Send emails and make calls 
  • Book Uber from within your app 

The FreshSales mobile app brings countless useful features from the FreshSales environment into your smartphone, so you can stay productive wherever your career might take you. Available as part of the FreshSales Suite, you can also combine your smartphone app with an extensive selection of sales, chat, marketing, and chat telephony services. The full FreshSales Suite comes with AI-powered insights into customer relationships, 360-degree customer contact and access to personalised messaging solutions across phone, chat, email, and WhatsApp.  

Freshworks FreshSales Mobile Review: Benefits 

The FreshSales mobile app is a convenient tool for an age of work where employees aren’t always available to sit behind a desktop device. For your salespeople on the move, the FreshSales mobile app improves productivity and efficiency, while ensuring teams have the information, they need to personalise conversations.  

The FreshSales mobile app from Freshworks can even make it easier for business leaders to track the performance and engagement of their employees outside of the office. Access to presence information and check-in tools show exactly what each staff member is doing to pursue important leads and opportunities. Some of the biggest benefits of the FreshSales mobile app include: 

  • Complete customer context: Access all the CRM functionalities you need to deliver personalised experiences without having to access a desktop device. The FreshSales mobile app from Freshworks provides information on your deal’s details, customer information, and status, even when you’re offline. You can also actively create and track sales activities, making notes on every aspect of the sales journey
  • Push notifications: Access to push notifications to make it easier to ensure you’re getting updates on the move. You can enable push notifications when it’s time to get ready for your next meeting or configure your app to send you alerts when a client does something that might move them to the next stage in the customer journey. Access to insights when you need it most means you can make quicker, more effective sales decisions
  • Handy metric tracking: The customisable smartphone app from FreshSales provides users with a convenient environment where they can track essential metrics, like the number of deals they’ve closed in a week, and how many open deals they have to deal with. Employees can determine which deals are the warmest, and which are most likely to slip through the cracks with intelligent filtering tools too
  • Better knowledge management: Every interaction is available to capture within the FreshSales app, so you can avoid missing out on opportunities. Users can scan and upload documents using their phone camera, jot down details in the note section of the app or collect voice recordings whenever necessary. All of your data will still be available when you’re offline, so you can follow up on opportunities whenever, wherever
  • Personalised experience: The FreshSales mobile app is available to customise according to your needs, with multiple languages, notification settings, and to-do lists. You can also organise your tasks according to priority, make calls and send emails in the same environment, or even hail an Uber, all in the same convenient interface. An easier workflow makes productivity a breeze

Freshworks FreshSales Mobile Review: Verdict 

If you’re struggling to empower and support an increasingly mobile team of next-level sales professionals, the FreshSales mobile app could be just the tool you’ve been looking for. Crafted carefully to give modern sales professionals all the tools they need to engage and delight leads, this convenient app can adapt to suit the requirements of each of your employees.  

With notifications and reminders to keep employees on track, important metric measurements and insights into the customer journey, your staff will be more productive than ever. With the FreshSales mobile app, you can even build a more comprehensive view of each individual customer journey, so sales teams can build more personalised and relevant strategies for delighting their leads. This could be the ultimate tool for mobile sales teams hoping to improve their conversion rate and start closing more essential deals.  




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