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Published: March 10, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Choosing the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is crucial for any business owner in today’s world. Customer experience has emerged as one of the most important differentiating factors for companies. More than anything else, consumers choose which brands to buy from based on the experiences and support they can offer.  

A powerful CRM solution provides business leaders with the tools they need to monitor and track customer relationships. What’s more, the right tools can provide organizations with insights into leads, opportunities, and strategies they can use to strengthen their position in the market.  

Freshworks, one of the leading SaaS solution providers on the market today, offers companies two different options for CRM technology. The first is the Freshsales CRM, built specifically for sales professionals. The second option, the Freshsales Suite, aims to combine the needs of marketing and sales professionals into one end-to-end platform. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Freshsales Suite.  

Freshworks Freshsales Suite Review: The Features 

The Freshsales suite is built around the belief that marketing and sales teams need to work together to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With this all-in-one platform, companies can ensure all of their employees have access to a complete 360-degree of customers. What’s more, marketing and sales professionals can use the solution to work more closely together on personalized experiences.  

Affordable, easy to implement, and designed with a focus on user experience, the Freshsales suite can help businesses attract more leads, generate new opportunities, and better understand visitors. Some of the key features of the platform include: 

  • Visitor tracking to monitor user journeys on websites 
  • Real-time customer service via AI chatbots 
  • Automated email campaigns for marketing 
  • 360-degree customer profiles with insights into previous conversations 
  • Freddy AI for lead qualification and intelligent insights 
  • Automated triggers for welcome emails, calls, and notifications 
  • Phone, email, WhatsApp, and chat customer service 
  • Dynamic forecasting and opportunity predictions 
  • AI-based deal insights  
  • Slack integration for collaboration 
  • Multi-channel automated nurturing campaigns 
  • Comprehensive reporting and campaign analytics
  • Customizable landing page creator for acquiring leads 

The Freshsales suite, like many of the tools offered by Freshworks, also supports integration with a variety of crucial tools and technologies. The system can link to tools like Outlook for email, PayPal for transactions, Xero, Quickbooks, DocuSign, and more.  

Freshsales CRM Suite Review: Benefits 

The core benefit of the Freshsales CRM Suite is it allows companies to connect their sales and marketing teams to create more consistent omnichannel journeys for customers. With complete access to end-to-end consumer insights, employees can delight customers through every stage of their purchasing journey, attract new leads, and retain clients.  

What’s more, the all-in-one ecosystem helps to improve employee experience too. With a comprehensive environment for sales, customer contact, and marketing, business users don’t have to spend as much time jumping between different apps. Some of the most significant benefits of this platform include the following: 

  • Intelligent automation: With automation capabilities and triggers, companies can effectively reduce the number of repetitive tasks employees have to manage each day. Users can create email and SMS campaigns, as well as omnichannel sales strategies based on unique behaviours and triggers to boost their chances of sales and reduce employee overwhelm.  
  • Omnichannel support: With Freshsales, companies can deliver omnichannel sales and service support to customers across all of the channels they use most. Users can connect with clients over the phone, through email, SMS, WhatsApp and more. Plus, they can monitor each stage of the customer journey with built-in analytics.  
  • Artificial intelligence: Freshsales leverages the benefits of artificial intelligence to provide business leaders with better insights into their leads and customers. The Freddy AI system can predict and understand customer intent. It can also offer insights into next best actions for employees and deliver useful forecasts for team leaders.  
  • Collaboration: Built-in collaboration tools and integrations with Slack ensure team members can always stay on the same page when working on conversions and opportunities. What’s more, the all-in-one environment ensures every employee can access the same information about the business and its customers for increased sales.  
  • In depth reporting: End-to-end reporting and analytics allow companies to better understand their target audience and their sales journeys. Educational insights provide business leaders with all the information they need to create more targeted sales and marketing campaigns. 

Freshsales CRM Suite Review: Pricing 

Users can explore some of the basic features of the Freshsales suite for free with a demo account. After that, pricing starts at £12 per month, per user, for up to 1000 marketing and sales contacts and 2,000 bot sessions per month. Even the basic plan includes access to contact, account, and deal management tools, automated workflows, and multichannel engagement options.  

More advanced plans include: 

  • Pro: £29 per user per month for all the features of the basic “Growth” plan, plus multiple sales pipelines, 3,000 bot sessions, a product catalogue, AI insights, and sales teams and territory management options.  
  • Enterprise: £55 per user per month for all the features of the Pro plan, plus AI-powered forecasting, custom modules, transactional emails, 5,000 bot sessions per month and a dedicated account manager.  

It’s also possible for users to purchase either Freshsales or Fresh marketer separately if they’d prefer to focus on CRM solutions for their individual sales and marketing teams.  

Freshsales Suite Review: Verdict 

The Freshsales Suite offers businesses an all-in-one solution for unifying sales and marketing teams. The end-to-end platform makes it easy to acquire new leads with landing pages and automated marketing campaigns. Plus, employees from all segments can access the same unified data when creating personalized experiences for end-users.  

With built-in AI and automation capabilities, Freshsales supports business leaders in delivering more personalized, unique experiences to customers, which increases sales opportunities. At the same time, the simple and convenient interface ensures employees can generate exceptional results without relying on multiple distributed tools.  

For a convenient way to attract more leads, generate new opportunities and unify teams, the Freshsales suite has everything today’s business leaders are looking for. It can even integrate easily with the tools marketing and sales teams already use.  



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