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Published: September 1, 2021

Rebekah Carter

As customer journeys become increasingly complex, and your clients demand more from their experiences, technology is emerging as the only effective way to manage experiences. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, help companies understand their customers better and deliver more personalised experiences as a result.  

The SAP CRM solution is one of the most popular in the world for customer relationship management. Designed by the market leaders in cloud business software, SAP, the SAP CRM has captured over 200 million customers around the world with intelligent technology and simplicity. 

Currently, 91% of Forbes Global 2000 list are SAP customers. Let’s explore what makes SAP such an attractive product for the modern customer experience landscape. 

SAP CRM Review: Features 

SAP CRM is a competitive CRM software solution primarily created to help companies interact more effectively with customers and maximize sales. The SAP CRM is available as part of the “SAP Customer Experience Solutions” portfolio. This selection of cloud-based tools helps business leaders to understand their audience by anticipating their needs.  

SAP customer data solutions within the SAP ecosystem allow companies to build ultra-personalised experiences with a dynamic range of tools for better understanding and engaging your audience. Features include: 

  • Dynamic customer profiling 
  • Real-time intent insights 
  • Trusted cloud-based data management 
  • Comprehensive customer profiles 
  • Intelligent insights with AI and machine learning 
  • Marketing and sales planning and performance 
  • Access control for quick access to information 
  • Cloud collaboration tools for teams 
  • Improved decision making with centralised data 
  • Cross-channel journey orchestration 
  • Precise customer targeting 
  • Personalised customer interactions 
  • Audience segmentation 
  • Multi-channel marketing campaigns 

SAP CRM technology assists with lead management, meaningful sales activities, and account-based marketing objectives for companies from all industries. Organisations can also access deep behavioural insights, advanced data visualization tools, and executive-level reports for better decision making.  

SAP CRM Review: Benefits 

As mentioned above, SAP CRM is a comprehensive component of the full SAP customer data cloud and experience ecosystem. It combines with the SAP marketing cloud for advertising campaigns, Commerce cloud for orders, Sales cloud for sales management, and Service could for excellent customer support. You can also integrate the SAP CRM with a host of other essential tools.  

As an all-in-one cloud environment, the SAP CRM solution ensures companies have everything they need to deliver on brand promises, with simple and effective buying experiences. Some of the biggest benefits of SAP CRM include: 

  • Comprehensive contact management: SAP makes it easy to store and leverage customer information across a range of channels. You can collect information on customer names, contact details, and communication preferences in a database team can access anywhere. The solution even ensures you can track customer interactions to ensure better conversations in the future. Intelligent scoring, profiling, and intent-focused data helps companies plan the customer journey from start to finish
  • Agent empowerment: The SAP CRM solution ensures sales, marketing, and service professionals can access the technology they need to deliver amazing experiences. Not only do you get in-depth customer information and analytics, but you can easily equip your SAP environment with a central interface full of product and client information. Companies can even use SAP to create workflows and automate repetitive manual tasks like record data entry or use chatbots and AI to follow up on interactions
  • Integration and flexibility: Today’s companies need to use various tools to fully understand their target audience and deliver amazing experiences. This is why the SAP CRM solution automatically integrates with your existing email, website, and calendar platforms, as well as a host of other tools. You can connect your CRM to your document management tools, customer surveys, billing software, and more, to handle everything in one place
  • Comprehensive portfolio: SAP’s CRM offering comes as part of an entire technology portfolio, intended to handle all parts of the customer experience journey. You’ll have access to everything from Commerce solutions to intelligent data management tools for turning unknown visitors into repeat customers. SAP combines customer insights with sales, marketing, and service opportunities, so you can get everything you need in one space
  • Extensive customer data insights: The SAP CRM comes with holistic customer profiles, purpose-driven data governance, and everything you need to control your back-office system in a neat package. You can even use the same platform to handle partner lifecycle management if you’re selling through other third-party companies. The comprehensive data landscape ensures companies can collect all the information they need to run a successful company

SAP CRM also comes with access to augmented intelligence solutions, capable of supporting companies without the assistance of data scientists. The system can leverage machine learning and AI to automatically detect important trends in customer behaviour, and drive decision making.  

Who Needs SAP CRM Technology? 

SAP CRM is an excellent all-in-one environment for collecting and leveraging valuable customer data. Business leaders can use the technology to create more personalised experiences by leveraging insights from multiple channels and interactions. A dashboard can even display all the information you need from ERP, CRM, and other environments at once.  

SAP CRM technology identifies exactly which contacts in your community are best to target with campaigns and which might be ready to buy straight away. You can assess the locations and interests of various customer segments, build multichannel campaigns for advertising, sales, and service, and pave the way for a unified customer experience across all channels. 

For companies in search of insights into historical growth, and real-time support for business development, SAP CRM proves knowledge is power.  

SAP CRM Verdict 

The SAP CRM is just one part of a comprehensive customer data and experience management solution from the SAP team. This all-in-one environment can give you an amazing central view of your audience, combined with excellent, seamless integrations for business growth.  

The SAP CRM can suit companies from all industries, whether you’re in IT, service management, or telecommunications. Most importantly, the CRM gives you access to crucial insights on how to unlock new brand opportunities.  



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