Zoho One Review: All-in-One Productivity

Zoho end-to-end efficiency for Teams 

Zoho One Review All-in-One Productivity
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Published: October 7, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Today’s teams need to operate in perfect alignment to deliver the best experiences to their customers. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to keep everyone aligned. The workplace is evolving, and digital transformation is creating a patchwork of software solutions, tools, and products for every business to keep track of. It’s easy to end up with information silos, confused employees, and unhappy teams. 

Zoho, one of the market leaders in customer relationship management and productivity tools, may have the solution. With Zoho One, companies can access a fully integrated system for transforming disparate activities in the business landscape. Rather than having to keep track of a patchwork of applications, tools, and paper-based products, you can keep everything in one environment. 

According to Zoho One, the connected environment paves the way for increased productivity, better efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences.  

So, what exactly can Zoho One do? 

Zoho One Review: Features 

The overall aim of Zoho One is to bring various disconnected processes into a single environment, so everything is easier to track and master. To do this, the Zoho One platform connects tools, services, and processes, focused around three central aims: 

Turning Leads Into Cash

Zoho One provides businesses with a system for running their entire business, which also includes functionality for turning leads into cash. You can collect all your leads in one place, with contact forms, live chat, and social media in one platform. There’s also access to automation strategies and workflows, so you can keep track of every lead journey. Features include: 

  • A shared environment for live chat, newsletters, contact forms, gated content, in-person interactions and social media 
  • Automated sales processes with workflow mapping and notifications 
  • Automatic quote and invoice creation with branding 
  • Digital contract signing  
  • CRM and application integration 
  • Online payment management 
  • Customer portals 
  • ROI monitoring and performance management 

Sales to Service Delivery

Aside from helping companies to turn leads into cash, Zoho One can also assist with service delivery and keeping customers happy. The all-in-one environment includes extensive mapping and customer journey tracking functionalities, so you can create personalised experiences for clients. Features include: 

  • Customer journey mapping with repeatable steps 
  • Assignments for individual team members 
  • Collaboration and chat features 
  • Digital signatures with automatic copies for customers 
  • Retainer invoices and hourly billing 
  • Project management with Gantt charts 
  • Milestones and task lists 
  • Expense tracking with double-entry accounting 
  • Budget, delivery, and performance tracking 

Turning Customers Into Promoters 

Finally, once you’ve delighted your customers with exceptional service, fast-paced sales journeys, and amazing support, it’s time to turn them into advocates. The Zoho One series of products can help with this, by giving you centralised insights into customers. Features include: 

  • Customer segmentation based on purchase history, location, and customer happiness 
  • Targeted sales, marketing, and loyalty campaigns 
  • Personalised content creation and complete customer journey mapping 
  • Custom surveys for consumer feedback 
  • Track performance with over 500+ reports 

Zoho One review: Benefits 

Zoho One is an integrated, customisable, and intelligent platform for managing businesses processes, and improving customer experience. A host of applications give you all the tools you need to connect with your target audience and convert leads. There’s even a selection of smart services available from the Zoho team if you need extra support with things like business intelligence. Benefits include: 

  • Excellent support: You’ll get a free consultation to start your Zoho One experience, improving your chances of getting the best results from your strategy. There’s also more than 1000 certified implementation, training, and developer partners available to help. Out-of-the-box artificial intelligence services, business intelligence, and other value-added solutions will also give your CX strategy a boost
  • Scalable and customisable: Zoho makes it easy to integrate, extend, and adjust application functionality to suit your business processes. Customisation is easy in the Zoho environment, and you get the added benefit of tons of pre-built integrations for things like ERP software, CRM technology, and email marketing tools
  • Fantastic analytics: With Zoho One, you can improve customer experiences and enhance your knowledge of your target audience at the same time. More than 500 pre-built report templates and executive dashboards are available to get you started, and you can check your ROI on everything from customer happiness to marketing campaigns. If you need to create an extra report, the Zia Zoho smart assistant can help
  • Speed up deal-closing strategies: Zoho makes it easy to convert leads into paying customers with accelerated processes. You can collect all of your leads in one place, so it’s easy to track information for a sale. There’s the option to create automated customer journey maps and set processes for your teams, so they always know what to do next. You’ll even be able to automatically create quotes and invoices, then get signatures from your customers on the web to close your deal
  • Manage the team anywhere: Ideal for the age of remote and hybrid work, Zoho One brings all of your staff together in the same place with helpful task lists and information. You can assign specific projects to employees based on their skill level or background and send notifications when necessary. It’s easy to track team progress on projects too
  • Personalised service options: Zoho One helps companies deliver the kind of personalised experiences they’re looking for, with targeted campaigns built based on user data. There are tons of ways to make your customers feel special and improve your chances of earning brand advocates

Zoho One Review: Verdict 

Zoho One is a powerful all-in-one environment for improving business productivity and enhancing opportunities. You can use this unique platform to increase sales and strengthen your relationships with your target audience. There are even tools to ensure you’re getting the most return on investment from all of your efforts and campaigns.  

If you want to get more insights into your business operations and ensure they continue to run smoothly at the same time, Zoho One has you covered.  



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