Lattice Review: People Analytics & Gamification Tools

Rebekah Carter

Investing in your people with Lattice People Management

Lattice Review: People Analytics & Gamification Tools

The new era of work is going to take some getting used to. As beneficial as remote and hybrid workforces can be for cost savings and efficiency, they also create new challenges in employee engagement and management. This is why many of the companies investing in better workflows are also spending money on tools for employee experience and productivity.  

The Lattice People Management platform offers a variety of tools intended for incredible experiences and business operations. Built around the desire to transform how companies approach people, the Lattice platform combines employee engagement, development, and performance management in one unified solution. With Lattice, you get a convenient all-in-one environment for empowering your people like never before.  

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what the Lattice platform can do and why it might be a valuable investment for your business.  

Lattice People Management Review: Features 

Lattice is an all-in-one software platform built to turn the modern workplace into productive, efficient, and healthy environments for innovation. The central components of the platform centre around three categories: Engagement, Growth, and Analytics.  


The “Engagement” section of the platform is where users can collect feedback from everyone in a company at the same time, connecting insights to analytics. With your insights, you can find actionable ways to improve company culture; features include: 

  • Surveys for continuous feedback 
  • Customisable surveys and questionnaires 
  • Employee Net Promoter Score reviews 
  • “Pulse” real-time updates into employee engagement 
  • People analytics 
  • Benchmarking  
  • Company culture insights 
  • Gamification and engagement tools 
  • Real-time reports and visual graphs 
  • Driver analysis and action plans 


The “Grow” part of the Lattice platform looks at strategies for embedding employee growth and development into the overall company culture. You can design competency matrices to encourage and support learning among team members, and access tools for onboarding new hires. Features include: 

  • Competency graphs and insights 
  • Goal setting for managers 
  • Employee development paths 
  • Development tracks with learning timelines 


In the “Analytics” segment of Lattice, you get the opportunity to build deeper understandings of your employees and how they work. The solution comes with innovative and easy-to-understand dashboards for managers and HR leaders to track employee productivity and performance. Features include: 

  • Custom people analytics dashboards 
  • Employee engagement surveys and reviews 
  • Filterable heat maps to visualize engagement 
  • Automated review cycles 
  • Performance reviews and ratings 
  • Adoption tracking for technology and programs 
  • 1:1 coaching scheduling 

Lattice also integrates with various applications, including Slack and Outlook for communications, Bamboo HR, and Okta for single sign-on. The Lattice University training program is available to walk you through the features available in the service and improve your knowledge of people management.  

Lattice People Management Review: Benefits 

The Lattice people management landscape is all about giving companies a better view of their people’s productivity and performance. You can consistently gather information about your team members in the form of metrics and feedback. Plus, it’s easy to set up strategies for transformation with guided development plans and 1:1 meetings. 

More than just a place where you can track your employees’ productivity, Lattice aims to give business leaders a platform where they can actively improve engagement and reduce staff churn. Some of the major benefits include: 

  • Comprehensive insights into employee engagement: Lattice gives companies an overview of the “voice of the employee”. Regular surveys, questionnaires, and feedback solutions make it easy to keep your finger on the pulse of what keeps your staff invested in your business. You can store information and reviews from each employee to help track their progress, and you can track company-wide metrics in real-time with Pulse insights
  • Goal setting and employee development: Rather than just showing you what’s going on behind the scenes in your company, Lattice gives you the power to improve operations. You can build collaborative action plans with each employee, track results, and build entire training strategies for your staff member. There’s even a context panel within the platform where managers can store information about each team member
  • Real-time views into engagement: Lattice makes it easier for people-focused teams to measure employee engagement consistently by sending everyone in the organisation anonymous surveys. This means your staff can give their honest opinions about the workplace and company culture, as well as commenting on topics like company pride and belonging. Once you’ve collected the data, Lattice gives you handy heatmaps to help you visualise engagement on a deeper level
  • Improve management practices: At a time when managers are under more pressure to ensure they’re getting the most out of their teams, Lattice provides tools to create more meaningful 1:1 interaction. You can set agendas ahead of time and take notes throughout the meeting. You can also track all of your conversations with team members through a unified dashboard, so you’re less likely to leave specific team members feeling isolated or left out
  • Other useful features: Lattice frequently updates its feature set to include more fantastic tools for business leaders. Employees can recognise their colleagues via Praise channels and Praise walls through integrations with Slack. There’s also an “Updates” tool, which asks employees to fill out questions about their workloads, so managers can see which staff members might be struggling  

For employee engagement and motivation, Lattice gives business leaders everything they need to bring teams closer together. From custom surveys and feedback requests to in-depth people analytics you can filter according to factors like team, skill, or even age range, Lattice is great at showing you what’s really going on with your team. 

Lattice People Management Review: Verdict 

Keeping employees engaged and productive in a changing workplace can be a challenging task. Fortunately, tools like Lattice are on hand to help companies better understand and support their team members. Setting the software up is quick and easy, particularly thanks to integrations with existing tools your employees may already be familiar with.  

The ability to access extra support in the form of Lattice University training is another huge bonus. There are more than 140 videos available within the learning ecosystem, all designed to help you manage your people more effectively.  



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