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Microsoft Power Automate Review Extensive Pre-Built Templates

Published: October 11, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Automation is rapidly emerging as an essential tool in the business world. Companies are under a lot of pressure to serve customers faster, more efficiently, and more impressively than ever before. This means ensuring that skilled human agents can focus their talents where it counts. Automation helps to eliminate repetitive and mundane tasks, so teams can stay focused on what matters.  

Microsoft’s Power Automate is one of the leading solutions available for automating business processes. With this state-of-the-art service, you can build automated processes with simple drag-and-drop flows and minimal coding requirements. In fact, everyone in your team can create their own automations, even if they don’t have a coding background. 

Let’s take a look at what you can accomplish with Microsoft Power Automate. 

Microsoft Power Automate Review: Features 

The purpose of Microsoft Power Automate is to give companies a simple and pain-free way of automating time-consuming manual tasks. The simple platform is easy-to-use, with low-code templates to get you started, and built-in artificial intelligence. According to the Total Economic Impact study from Forrester, users of Microsoft Power Apps and Automate achieve an up to 362% ROI over a three-year period, along with a 15% improvement in efficiency. 

The exact feature set you’ll get from Microsoft Power Automate will depend on the plan you get, but all solutions come with plenty of tools for creating automated workflows and designing customised templates. Features include: 

  • Hundreds of pre-built connectors for automation 
  • No-code and low-code support for beginners 
  • Drag-and-drop flow creation 
  • Identity and access management 
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery and data loss prevention 
  • AI-enhanced builder 
  • UI flows  
  • Peek code feature 
  • Dynamic content expression 
  • Trigger search 
  • Comprehensive process advisor 

Microsoft Power Automate makes automation more accessible for the entire business, so you can access the technology on almost any device. There’s a Power Automate service for desktop, with point-and-click simplicity built-in, as well as Power Automate for mobile. The web-based version of the service is excellent for companies hoping to build a centralised portal for workflow management. There’s even a version of Power Automate within Microsoft Teams, for collaboration optimisation. 

Microsoft Power Automate Review: Benefits 

As automation continues to accelerate in the digital landscape, Microsoft is making it easier for all businesses to remove the stress of busy work and repetitive tasks. The solution is widely regarded as a leader in the Automation space and was named a Leader by the Gartner Magic Quadrant for RPA in 2021. The Forrester TEI study even found Power Automate helped to make teams more accurate, with a 27.4% reduction in errors following automation. Benefits of Power Automate include: 

  • Extensive pre-built templates: You don’t need a lot of experience with automation to get started with Microsoft Power Automate. There are plenty of helpful templates to get you started, such as the option to set up push notifications when you get emails from specific people or a template for getting email reminders when you can’t forget about a project. Microsoft also offers plenty of guidance and documentation to companies getting started with their first automation plan
  • Microsoft Dataverse: Microsoft Power Automate links seamlessly with the rest of the applications in the Microsoft ecosystem. You can even design automations within Microsoft Teams. There’s also a whole library of connectors in the Microsoft Dataverse, to help companies bring information together from multiple parts of the business for a single source of truth. The Dataverse can even enhance your investment in Dynamics and Azure
  • Easy to use automation: While automation is a compelling concept for many businesses, some still struggle to make their first steps into the environment. Microsoft Power Automate helps you to automate more quickly and securely across a range of environments with low-code drag-and-drop tools. Anyone can start building automations in no time, even if they’ve never worked with code before
  • Exceptional support: Designing your automations is even simpler when you take advantage of features like the AI Builder. This allows you to quickly process forms using document automation, image detection, process approvals and more. There’s also the process advisor to provide guided recommendations for flows and deeper insights into your work
  • Azure access: Microsoft encourages companies to build automated solutions even faster with Azure access. You can quickly start modelling processes by connecting to all the data you have in Azure. Plus, there’s the option to provide your development teams with enhanced options for communication with Automate connectors

It’s also worth noting the Microsoft community is an excellent place to go for support and guidance. There are tens of thousands of users already active and chatting about their automation strategies, so you can get a lot of inspiration. You’ll also be able to find tips from the Power Automate team too.  

Who Needs Microsoft Power Automate? 

Ideal for making repetitive tasks less of an issue, Power Automate from Microsoft is one of the easiest ways to get started with automation. With templates, AI, and drag-and-drop services to help you, anyone can start building workflows in no time.  

If you’re already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, you’ll also benefit from access to various enhancements from other Microsoft tools. For instance, you can use your Power Automate solution with Power virtual agents to create amazing chatbots, or access Power Apps to build apps in a matter of hours with automation features built-in. It’s definitely worth checking out the connectors available from Microsoft.  

Microsoft Power Automate Review: Verdict 

Ultimately, Microsoft Power Automate is a state-of-the-art solution for automation made easy. For companies looking to enhance their business performance and efficiency, without extensive investment in coding and development, Power Automate is a no brainer. You can start automating workflows with templates and AI assistance in no time.  

Connectivity with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem makes Microsoft Power Automate particularly compelling for companies with an investment in tools like Power BI already. However, anyone can leverage the simple and efficient automation technology offered by this platform.  



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