Qualtrics XM Review: XM D, XM IQ & XFlow Tools

Rebekah Carter

Exploring an experience management solution with the Qualtrics XM platform 

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Qualtrics XM Review: XM D, XM IQ & XFlow Tools

Experience is the only true differentiator in today’s competitive world. Anyone can offer customers a broad selection of features and services at an affordable price, but if you can deliver amazing experiences, you’re guaranteed to earn consumer loyalty. Build on top of customer experience with better product, brand, and employee experiences, and you have the ultimate solution for growth. 

Qualtrics XM is an experience management software solution built by a company dedicated to delivering powerful technology to companies. The Qualtrics “XM” (Experience Management) platform promises to deliver an exceptional product, customer, employee, and brand experiences in one convenient package.  

With innovations to help companies collect and improve experiences throughout the business ecosystem, Qualtrics XM gives organisations everything they need to thrive. Here’s your review of the Qualtrics XM platform. 

Qualtrics XM Review: Features 

Qualtrics XM is an all-in-one tool for experience design and management. The technology allows companies to uncover what customers, stakeholders, and employees are looking for when interacting with a brand. This makes it easier to design cutting-edge experiences which define brands and build competitive advantages. The XM solution will allow brands to constantly evaluate each product, system, or service and make essential changes for disruption. 

The Qualtrics XM platform breaks down into three areas: 


The XM Directory with the Qualtrics XM OS is a single database where companies can collect all essential employee and customer experience data. The environment allows business leaders to listen to and collect information about their experience, with role-based access control. Features include: 

  • Access to a central environment for customer data 
  • Automatic collection of information across platforms 
  • Integrations with leading tools like Salesforce and Tableau 
  • Dynamic segmentation for better personalisation 
  • Secure and compliant with ISO 27001 and GDPR standards 


The Qualtrics XM IQ solution gives companies access to powerful, predictive intelligence, so they know what to do to enhance the experiences produced by their organisation. You can transform piles of unorganised data into meaningful insights and actionable steps. Features include: 

  • Predictive intelligence and recommendation 
  • Automatic statistical testing 
  • Simple visual data visualisation 
  • Cluster analysis 
  • Sentiment tracking and trends 
  • 24/7 proactive alerts 
  • Powerful data model creation 


The Qualtrics XM Flow platform is an end-to-end automation solution for experience management. Designed to be the heart of the modern company’s strategy for improving experiences, xFlow offers a set of workflows and rules for everything from instant notifications and alerts to consumer listening. Features include: 

  • Intelligent workflow recommendations 
  • Automated actions to boost experience 
  • Access to integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk 
  • Simple and effective journey planning 
  • Metric and KPI tracking 

The Qualtrics XM environment is a comprehensive tool for understanding the experiences evident in your business every day. It helps to measure and improve experiences for customers and staff members alike, collecting extensive feedback and pairing it with artificial intelligence to surface hidden insights and opportunities.  

Qualtrics XM Review: benefits 

The Qualtrics XM environment is built on top of the Core XM platform – an environment which enables the collection of customer insights, product research, and development. The comprehensive and modular platform supports businesses in understanding customer segments and the individual needs and pain points they need to address.  

Once you have a better overview of your customer segments, you can create more personalised moments for them to enjoy. Qualtrics also helps you to understand your employees and team better, so you can boost efficiency and service outcomes. Benefits include: 

  • Data centralisation: The Qualtrics XM platforms pull information together from all over your environment for deeper insights into the brand, customer, employee, and product experience management. With a centralized environment, you can develop more accurate end-to-end views of stakeholder and customer journeys and improve the quality of your insights. The results are better business decisions and fewer mistakes
  • Intuitive data processing: The Qualtrics XM platform is a fantastic tool for advanced data processing on a massive scale. Although you can collect information from all over the business, this doesn’t have to make understanding your company more complex. Organisations can build end-to-end views of stakeholder journeys and convert them into easy-to-understand dashboards and reports
  • Intelligence built-in: Qualtrics XM solution leverages the most intelligent technology to give you better insights into your organisation. AI-based routing ensures that the right people are notified with automatic alerts when thresholds are reached. Qualtrics iQ predictive intelligence and sentimental insights will even give you an overview of how your organisation is driving customer and employee satisfaction 
  • Excellent integrations: The extensive integration and connection options included with the Qualtrics XM environment means you can connect all components involved in the customer or employee journey in one landscape. Not only that, but companies can also make meaningful changes with triggers and automations involving the tools and software their employees are already using
  • Excellent segmentation: Qualtrics XM ensures companies can build exceptional experiences for all kinds of customers and employees based on valuable segments and in-depth insights. Organisations can even build dynamic segments for their enterprise, which respond to frequent updates in your customer data

Qualtrics XM Review: Verdict 

Qualtrics XM goes beyond the basics of customer experience management technology, to show companies how they can retain staff and clients more effectively. You’ll get an insight into how your brand, product, employee, and customer experiences all work together to make your business more memorable in a competitive environment.  

The Qualtrics XM platform isn’t just a single tool for business development; it’s an all-in-one environment where companies can understand what’s boosting productivity for their employees while also conducting product, market, and brand research.  

Perhaps most importantly, Qualtrics makes accessing and leveraging information easier for everyone. The suite of tools is wonderfully straightforward and intelligent, with elements intended to ensure everyone in the business can do their part to drive better experiences. If you want to discover the full benefits of experience management and go beyond the basics of customer experienced, Qualtrics has the solution for you.  



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