ServiceNow Digital Workflow Platform Review: Cloud-Based Management Tools

It’s crucial for businesses to manage and enhance workflows wherever possible

ServiceNow Digital Workflow Platform Review

Published: August 20, 2021

Rebekah Carter

The workplace is changing at an incredible rate, with more people than ever before working remotely, or in a hybrid environment. In this new landscape, it’s crucial for businesses to be able to manage and enhance workflows wherever possible.  

Having access to the right cloud-based tools for managing customer service agents and contact centres is how you ensure you can continue to compete in the age of experience. Though CCaaS solutions are a good start, many business leaders find they need additional tools to help them manage their evolving teams. This is where solutions like the ServiceNow Digital Workflow platform comes in. 

The “Now” platform by ServiceNow is a solution for ramping up and scaling customer service in any environment. You can create full cross-enterprise digital workflows to connect systems, people, and functions and boost business agility. Here’s what you need to know about the ServiceNow platform for workflow transformation.  

ServiceNow Digital Workflow Platform: Features 

Available as part of the comprehensive ServiceNow platform for CX and business transformation, the Service Now “Now” platform is an award-winning tool for business productivity. With this platform, companies can unlock a cloud-based environment that scales with their business, offering access to quick and efficient workflow digitization.  

The Now platform offers a range of core capabilities, enabling business leaders to achieve new levels of agility in a complex world. As ServiceNow notes themselves, today’s working conditions require companies to be ready for all kinds of changes in their companies. With ServiceNow’s digital workflow platform, anyone can digitize and automate workflows, boosting business resiliency, no matter what happens. Features include: 

  • Security by default with data protection 
  • Access management controls
  • Core services for ServiceNow apps and SaaS functions 
  • No-code development so you can make your own apps quickly 
  • Professional development with standards-based web tools 
  • Web application frameworks 
  • Integration services to connect all systems easily 
  • Intelligence for faster automation 
  • User experience and notification services 
  • Self-service portals 
  • Custom User interfaces 
  • Performance analytics 
  • Configuration management database 
  • Virtual agents and AI search 
  • Mobile studio for native mobile apps 

The wide range of ServiceNow “Now” platform-tools come together to create an environment where business leaders can boost productivity with low-code app creation, integration services, notifications, and in-depth intelligence. All the while, you can manage your digital transformation journey without compromising on security and compliance. 

ServiceNow Digital Workflow Platform: Benefits 

The ServiceNow Digital Workflow platform is a comprehensive environment where companies can significantly improve their business processes through low-code applications, flexible workflows, and intelligent automation. This environment brings systems, data, people, and applications together to keep teams engaged and productive, even in a remote or hybrid setting.  

The ServiceNow environment automatically scales to suit your business, with endless ways to optimise processes and encourage new levels of growth for your company. Benefits include: 

  • Faster, smarter working: In a competitive landscape, companies need to offer unique, fast, and incredible experiences to stay ahead. With AI enhancements and in-depth analytics, the Now platform from ServiceNow ensures you can predict the needs of your audience ahead of time. Surfacing information is quick and simple, whether you’re looking for ways to optimise processes, or update employee performance. You can even get intelligent recommendations on where to automate repetitive tasks so you can focus more on strategic work
  • Create engaging workflows: Through low-code development, professional development, integrations, and API connections, it’s easy to build an amazing set of workflows for your company. The ServiceNow Digital Workforce platform transcends channels and systems, so you can keep your employees as productive and efficient as possible wherever they are. There’s even a mobile studio where you can build and configure compelling mobile applications for your teams
  • Employee empowerment: The ServiceNow digital workflow platform empowers employees in a variety of ways. The option to automate repetitive tasks means staff members can spend more of their time on important work. At the same time, AI chatbots and virtual assistants empower staff members by offering access to quick and convenient sources of information
  • Security: The ServiceNow digital workflow platform also ensures you can digitise your business without having to worry about issues with compliance and security. The Now platform is secure by default, with data protection and application security features built-in, as well as a full suite of Access Management controls
  • No code development: Developing applications and automated workflows to improve your company’s productivity couldn’t be easier. The Now platform comes with professional development access if you need some extra help with frameworks and building automations. There’s also a full suite of development tools for all kinds of developers and a no-code development system for building apps with virtually no code

The ServiceNow Digital Workflow platform rapidly connects the people in your enterprise, wherever they are, with intuitive, cross-enterprise integrations for both ServiceNow services and external services or applications. Once you have everything in your workflows intelligently connected, you can empower anyone on your team to automate and build apps for innovation and efficiency.  

ServiceNow Digital Workflow Review: Verdict 

The ServiceNow “Now” platform is an excellent way to bring customer service strategies together and improve workflow productivity. If you’ve been looking for opportunities to increase efficiency with automation in your business, the Now platform has everything you need in one convenient interface. You can even power your applications and reporting with single data infrastructure and leverage performance analytics at scale.  

Easy automation and application building ensure that any business can digitally transform in no time, making employees more productive – no matter where they’re working from. Plus, you can scale the service as your business evolves, implementing new virtual agents, chatbots, and tools for self-service, or simply automating more processes.  

Combine the easy-to-use ecosystem with a range of intelligent features like predictive intelligence and AI search, and the ServiceNow platform gives you a fantastic new environment for modern work.  



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