Our latest range of Smart Guides help buyers uncover the features and benefits of the latest CX related technologies. Within each easy-to-read eBook, you’ll find common discussion points, a buyer’s checklist and frequently asked questions.

CCaaS smart guide

CCaaS Smart Guide

Contact Centre as a Service, or “CCaaS” solutions ensure that companies can create conversations with their clients that span channels and strategies alike.

With CCaaS, organisations can deliver everything from SMS and chat, to video, self-service, and more to their customers. What’s more, the extensible nature of the cloud means that your contact centre can also link into your collaboration tools, CRM systems, analytics, and beyond.  

Contact Centre smart guide

Contact Centre Smart Guide

The contact centre isn’t just a room filled with clacking keyboards and ringing phones. These environments form a crucial connection between your company, and your target audience.  

For decades, customers have turned to the contact centre for help with everything from making orders, to asking crucial questions about how a product or service works. However, the way that teams run contact centres is evolving.

CX Analytics smart guide

CX Analytics Smart Guide

One of the most valuable data gathering and analytics systems available today focuses on a crucial differentiator for brands: customer experience. With CX analytics, today’s organisations can get to the heart of the customer journey.  

Through an in-depth evaluation of every step on the path to purchase and beyond, companies can strengthen relationships with clients, and offer better service.  

AI in the contact centre

AI in the Contact Centre Smart Guide

The contact centre is one of the most valuable tools in any companys arsenal. It helps businesses to find new customers, support their existing clients, and build a more reputable brand.  

In recent years, the contact centre has evolved at an incredible pace. Weve seen the evolution of the landscape pushed by consumer trends, new technology, and the constant demand for better experiences. One of the most important things to transform the contact centre has to be AI.  

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