Conversation Analytics: How to Maximize the Value of Customer Sentiment Data

Leading contact centre software vendor MaxContact on the brilliance of its new Spokn AI add-on

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Conversation Analytics How to Maximize the Value of Customer Sentiment Data - CX Today News
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Published: June 10, 2024

Simon Wright - DP

Simon Wright

Delighted or disappointed – surely there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction levels.

If the former is the case, you know your teams are getting things right. When the latter applies, it’s crucial that a fix occurs.

Thanks to the power and smarts of AI, mining and understanding customer sentiment can now be a fast, efficient, and highly-illuminating business. Voice calls in which those satisfaction levels (good or bad) are expressed can be converted into searchable text and automatically interrogated – providing rich and often business-critical intelligence that can help improve pretty much everything.

For the call centre, it means having a constant, near-real-time understanding of the positive, negative, or neutral characterisation of every customer call: up to a hundred thousand interactions a day; captured, analysed, and summarised for easy consumption.

For those tasked with monitoring and enhancing quality assurance, it makes traditional listening back to a randomly-generated sample set of calls look woefully analogue. Indeed, it’s AI delivering practical benefits at a speed and on a scale that is truly transformational. To capitalise fully, businesses (and their IT Managed Service Providers) must partner with a vendor that is at the cutting edge.

“Fast, detailed, and easily-accessible insight into customer sentiment is one of today’s highest-value assets of any business – leveraging the power of AI in order to fully maximise that value should be a top priority,” says Matthew Yates, Vice President of Engineering at leading contact centre solution provider MaxContact, whose recently-launched Spokn AI conversation analysis tool has dramatically enhanced its cloud contact centre platform’s regulatory compliance and quality management capabilities.

The launch comes just months after Manchester-based MaxContact secured accelerated development funding via the unique Venture and Growth Finance Fund of UK bank NatWest, dedicated to supporting high-growth, innovative scale-up businesses.

Integrated seamlessly into MaxContact’s feature-rich contact centre platform, Spokn AI captures and transcribes every voice call and presents sentiment analysis in the form of easy-to-understand metrics, graphs, bar charts and trend lines via a dedicated user interface. Written summaries of calls can be easily searched and skim-read where required, a historical view of related previous interactions is incorporated, and there is also a more traditional call playback function.

“We have designed a solution that is very simple to use and requires zero out-of-the-box configuration,” says Yates.

“Spokn AI processes all voice recordings overnight so when teams come in the next morning, the previous day’s analysis is available via the interface. Early adopters are processing 1,000-plus calls per day and it is possible to scale up to 100,000 per day. With two or three clicks, users can zoom right down into sentiment analysis that relates to a particular team, user, list or campaign activity. It also tracks sentiment throughout a conversation. So, for example, did a conversation start out fairly negative, or did it have negative points midway through but ended positive? Having a written transcript that can be skim-read is highly-beneficial too. A 10-minute conversation can be easily digested in about 15 seconds.”

Crucially, Spokn AI analyses phrases within sentences as opposed to single words. Natural language processing then considers things such as word choice, speech tempo, pauses, volume, and breathlessness in order to detect emotional tone. Recognising positive sentiment highlights opportunities to upsell/cross-sell; enables agents to answer unhappy customer calls first to reduce churn; and helps shape service best-practice. In turn, identifying negative sentiment can aid agent training and drive improvement.

“It’s all about improving the experience for everyone who uses or interacts with a contact centre,” says Yates. “The customer experience is enhanced because agents can be provided with feedback on the quality of their call handling and how to improve; and the agent experience is enhanced because they are empowered to do their job better and with more ease. This is not the deployment of AI in an abstract sense, this is AI really starting to make a practical day-to-day difference to real lives.

“We announced just six months ago that we were investing heavily in AI innovation and now Spokn AI is launched and is out there being actively used by businesses that are experiencing tangible benefits. In addition, we will continue to constantly develop and add new enhancements going forward. I think that demonstrates to our customers and partners how committed we are to driving enhanced functionality and capability, and that we deliver on our aims and aspirations. That is surely great news for all parties.”

To learn more about how Spokn AI can help your contact centre understand the “why” behind 100% of conversations, click here.

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