Dialpad Teams up with Intercom

Sandra Radlovački

New integration with Intercom brings together the power of voice and chat

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Dialpad Teams up with Intercom

Dialpad, a provider of AI-powered communication and collaboration, has joined the Intercom App Partner Programme to offer sales and support teams a seamless experience across voice and messaging.

The new integration enables Intercom users to switch between Dialpad’s AI-powered calling and Intercom’s business messenger while interacting with customers. Agents will be able to call customers from an Intercom chat, and then log that interaction in both Intercom and Dialpad. The app uses Intercom’s private chat log, visible only to intercom users, to log Dialpad’s proprietary Voice Intelligence link and recording, which includes transcription, real-time recommendations and call sentiment. Intercom’s Messenger offers personal, conversational experiences between businesses and customers, while its accompanying management tools and automation provide personalised customer interactions managed across channels. Intercom uses a connected customer data platform that seamlessly integrates with CRM’S and other tools, such as Salesforce, Marketo and Zendesk.

Brian Peterson, co-founder and chief technology officer of Dialpad, said in a statement:

“This is a unique partnership. Dialpad and Intercom are not just technology partners, but also each others’ customers. We know firsthand how powerful each platform is, making today’s launch really exciting.”

“Both Dialpad and Intercom are committed to empowering sales and support teams to be more productive. Through this partnership, Intercom users have direct, seamless access to Dialpad’s powerful voice technology and reliable business phone services within Intercom’s business messenger.”

Leandra Fishman, chief revenue officer of Intercom, said: “Dialpad is the newest brand to grow its business by integrating with Intercom and joining the Intercom App Partner Program.”

“Conversational, messenger-based experiences are becoming the dominant channel between businesses and customers, and the Dialpad app will drive more personal, engaging, and frictionless customer interactions.”

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