New Sentiment Analysis Features for Amazon Connect

The additions allow users to capture customer sentiment and confidence across automated channels

New Sentiment Analysis Features for Amazon Connect
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Published: July 4, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Amazon Connect users may now access sentiment analysis features, as AWS embeds its Lex conversational AI solution into the CCaaS platform.

Recently adding a whole host of new features to Amazon Connect, AWS is quickly advancing the sophistication of its offering.

Now, the solution offers a sentiment score for every customer response to a chatbot. Based on this, designers can tweak the language and tone of the bot to fit the customer’s mood better.

Moreover, companies can adjust the flow of the conversation. For example, if customer sentiment is seemingly negative at a critical point within the customer journey, the bot may automatically escalate the conversation to a human agent.

Alternatively, if the customer displays positive sentiment towards the end of an interaction, the bot may try and upsell them on services.

As such, companies can further personalize automated conversations and choose when to exploit such use cases to maximize various customer outcomes.

Alongside sentiment, Amazon Connect users can harness intent confidence scores to dig deeper into customer uncertainties that may derail conversations. Again, the company can also set rules within the bot journey based on these scores.

A potential use of this feature is to identify vulnerable customers and escalate the conversation, ensuring they receive the service that meets their needs.

Contact centers can add rules into the bot flow with just a few clicks of a mouse, as Amazon looks to build on its reputation for developing solutions with high ease of use.

The no-code capabilities of the Lex conversational AI platform exemplify this, alongside its innovative use of automation.

Indeed, unlike similar solutions, it uncovers everyday demand drivers from customer conversation transcripts and learns how agents combat them. It then automates the chatbot design – which developers can test, tweak, and deploy within the Amazon Connect platform.

Digging deeper into these capabilities, Amazon issued a release that stated:

Built into Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex automated chatbot designer makes it easy for customers to offload the analysis of contact center transcripts to Amazon Lex and accelerate the design of conversational chatbots, reduce errors, and improve customer experience.

The new capabilities cap off a busy month for the IT service management vendor, as typified by the June 2022 release notes for its Amazon Connect solution.

These include the launch of case management and proactive outreach solutions alongside new APIs for real-time data management and transferring contacts between various queues.

Finally, it added Amazon Connect Cases in preview, allowing service teams to track customer queries, which require follow-ups, and improve how they manage such cases.

Such speedy evolution underlines the significant intent Amazon has for CCaaS innovation, similar to its leading enterprise technology rival Microsoft, which recently promised to aggressively innovate in the space.



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