Vivoka Boosts Its Voice Development Kit with Voice Biometrics

Integration to enable developers to easily add personalisation and authentication for IoT

Vivoka Boosts Its Voice Development Kit with Voice Biometrics
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Published: November 3, 2021

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

Vivoka has announced that it has added DVoice from ID R&D, a Mitek company, to the latest version of their Voice Development Kit (VDK), providing a simplified way for developers to build and test applications that benefit from advanced voice biometrics.

Vivoka’s user-friendly, graphical interface removes complexity with a single software voice development kit that includes all the technologies a developer might need to build a powerful, modern voice application.

Vivoka says their solution is the only one on the market that comprises a complete range of embedded voice technologies from multiple providers, giving developers the ability to easily benchmark, develop and test their use cases. The specialised software development kit allows any company or developer to configure an offline voice solution composed of one or more advanced voice capabilities.

ID R&D’s breakthrough voice biometric technology is highly accurate, fast, and small enough to run on a Neural Processing Unity (NPU), opening up new possibilities for emerging use cases. The robust product works with ultra-short speech utterances and is text and language independent.

Alexey Khitrov, ID R&D CEO, said: “Biometrics has the unique ability to bring instant personalization and authentication to voice-enabled applications and devices of all kinds.”

“It’s a natural fit and completely frictionless for users who don’t need to do anything other than speak their request for the system to quickly and accurately identify them. Running voice biometrics at the edge brings never-before realized value to smart speakers, smart cameras, connected cars, robotics and more.”

William Simonin, CEO at Vivoka, said: “As the voice market continues to evolve, new use cases for speech technology will benefit from faster and easier ways for developers and companies to build and test their ideas. Our partnership with ID R&D provides access to state-of-the-art voice biometrics through our Voice Development Kit, opening up new possibilities for our customers to utilize speech technology to create better, more secure user experiences.”




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