What is Yellow.ai? Your Behind-the-Scenes Guide

Introducing Yellow.ai, the conversational AI platform

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Published: May 5, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Artificial Intelligence is quickly emerging as one of the most valuable tools in any customer experience (CX) strategy. As customer expectations continue to evolve, and buyer journeys grow more complex, business leaders are turning to AI to help them manage and deliver consistent, convenient, and personalized customer service.  

In fact, some studies suggest by 2025, AI will power around 95% of customer interactions. The key to success is learning how to effectively balance AI solutions with human resources. Yellow.ai, formerly known as Yellow Messenger, is a platform designed to assist companies in building the ultimate future focused CX strategy.  

Founded in 2016, the company focuses on providing organizations with the tools they need to transform conversations across a multitude of channels, and unlock the power of automation. With the Yellow.ai conversational AI platform, business leaders can deliver effective, dynamic, and customized service to customers around the clock, while simultaneously enhancing employee experience.  

Defining Yellow.ai: The Yellow.ai Platform 

Yellow.ai defines its platform as a solution for 360-degree hyper-automation in the CX space. The enterprise grade platform is built on top of a proprietary NLP (Natural language processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) engine, developed by the team in-house. The technology boasts a 98% accuracy rate, and phenomenal real-time performance.  

The all-in-one service includes everything from self-learning chatbot technology to agent assistance dashboards, and campaign management tools, to help businesses enhance the full customer journey. Additionally, a built-in marketplace allows developers to access a variety of reusable components model bots, and pre-built assets to customize omnichannel interactions. 

Yellow.ai is a multifunctional platform, created to address the needs of companies in any industry, from healthcare to education and retail. According to the creators, companies can use the suite of features in the Yellow.ai platform to automate up to 60% of the customer journey within 30 days.  

The Yellow.ai website even features an ROI calculator, to help businesses determine the value automation strategies can bring to their company. Plus, the pay-as-you-go pricing strategy ensures companies pay only for the services they use. 

The Yellow.ai Platform Features 

The hyper-automation platform created by Yellow.ai is constantly evolving to address the changing needs of consumers and businesses in the CX world. Currently, the platform is available in more than 100 languages, and serves 1000+ enterprise customers worldwide.  

Core features offered by Yellow.ai include: 

  • DynamicNLP: the proprietary NLP engine powered by zero-shot learning from Yellow.ai reduces the setup and training time required to develop an NLP model, with in-depth intent coverage, exceptional accuracy, and pre-built nodes for customization. 
  • Agent assist dashboard: With the agent assist dashboard from Yellow.ai, companies can empower their team members with guidance across every channel, from voice to social media. The solution delivers automatic suggestions for agent responses, and provides insights into customer profiles, as well as support for fully automated workflows 
  • Dynamic conversation designer: Powered by the latest generative AI technology, the dynamic conversation designer allows companies to build powerful chatbots capable of responding creatively to customer queries across social media, messenger, and more. 
  • Campaign management: Campaign management tools support businesses in developing full customer journey strategies, designed to engage and convert customers. The solution includes intent-triggered suggestions, real-time on-website query resolution and visitor tracking tools for accurate audience segmentation. 
  • Insights engine: With the Insights Engine, companies can derive valuable insights from thousands of conversations. There’s a contextual search interface, and tools included for automatically generating FAQs to support customer self-service.  
  • Analytics: Alongside the Insight engine, business users can also take advantage of customizable reports and dashboards to track customer intent, sentiment, and crucial metrics throughout the customer journey. The analytics dashboard is enhanced by AI to support teams in spotting trends and patterns in customer experiences.  
  • Bot studio: A no-code platform built into the Yellow.ai ecosystem assists businesses in building their own personalized chatbots and assistants from scratch. Bots can be enhanced with over 100+ integrations, and pre-build nodes. Plus, real-time AI assistance ensures any business leader can design powerful bots in minutes. 

Alongside all of the features mentioned above, the Yellow.ai platform boasts enterprise-grade security, ensuring companies can retain high levels of compliance when interacting with customers across more than 30 channels. The solution also supports more than 100 out-of-the-box integrations with leading CRMs, voice platforms, ecommerce site builders, and social channels. 

The Benefits of Yellow.ai’s Conversational AI Platform 

Yellow.ai designed its platform to ensure businesses of all sizes could leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence to improve both customer and employee experience. The fully-secured and flexible platform can adapt to the needs of any company, streamlining customer support, boosting engagement, and enhancing staff/customer interactions.  

Some of the biggest benefits of the solution include: 

  • Comprehensive omnichannel interactions: Thanks to a variety of native integrations, and workflow automation tools, businesses can easily develop a consistent customer experience strategy which spans across all of the platforms customers already use.  
  • Human and AI interactions: With live agent transfers, it’s possible to rapidly shift customers from self-service interactions to empathetic conversations with human agents. Agents can track conversations and customer journeys from one platform to the next, to ensure customers don’t need to repeat themselves when moving between channels.   
  • Intelligent analytics: The comprehensive conversational AI platform created by Yellow.ai comes with access to valuable in-depth insights into everything from customer intent, to sentiment, and beyond. It’s even possible to create dashboards and reports monitoring metrics like CSAT and customer engagement scores.  
  • Ease of use: Designed to democratize conversational AI, the Yellow.ai platform makes it easy for anyone to get started with machine learning, natural language processing, and automation. The no-code bot builder and streamlined workflow automation tools require virtually no training to use, and can scale according to business needs.  
  • Flexibility: Yellow.ai’s platform can rapidly adapt to the changing needs of companies in any landscape, with flexible integrations with hundreds of platforms, and a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The solutions available can support everything from ITSM and conversational commerce automation, to HR automation. 

Yellow.ai’s Powerful AI Platform 

Built on a proprietary NLU and NLP engine, the Yellow.ai platform is a powerful tool for companies looking to leverage the benefits of AI in the customer journey. The end-to-end portfolio of tools ensures business leaders can take full advantage of everything from bots, to automatically generated FAQs, to deliver consistent experiences across all channels.  

What’s more, with dozens of guides, knowledgebase tools, case studies, and other resources to access, Yellow.ai makes it easy for any business to launch its own conversational AI strategy.  

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