HORISEN SMS Platform Review: Turnkey SMS Solution

The all-in-one SMS Trading Platform 

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Published: March 23, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Most people assume the path of an SMS message is a direct one, connecting one mobile device to another over infinite distances. The reality is much more complex.  

Dive into the processes and operations of any messaging business, and you’ll discover a multi-faceted world of SMS aggregators, SMS resellers, MNOs, and more. It’s little wonder that successful telecom players in the messaging field rely extensively on using the right platforms to streamline management. A powerful SMS platform provides companies with unique opportunities to drive revenue with the automated management of day-to-day trading operations.  

HORISEN, a market leader in the SMS communications space, offers one of the most powerful turnkey SMS platform solutions. The 100% vendor-neutral SMS switch is intuitive, easy to use, and scalable – built to grow with the needs of any messaging business.  

Let’s explore what companies can achieve with the HORISEN SMS platform. 

HORISEN SMS Platform Review: Features 

Comprehensive, streamlined, and efficient, the HORISEN all-in-one SMS trading platform is custom-built to empower successful messaging strategies. The platform can run on-premises or in the cloud, making it an ideal pick for businesses of all sizes. MNOs, Telecom operators, SMS aggregators, OTTs, MVNOs, enterprises, and more all benefit from the convenient ecosystem.  

Moreover, HORISEN SMS Platform is a highly scalable and feature-rich environment where businesses can manage all the aspects of their SMS wholesale and retail businesses in one pane of glass. Companies can leverage everything from automated rate importing to flexible rules-based routing. The platform features an easy-to-use interface with comprehensive self-service monitoring, end-to-end business transparency, and insights.  

Alongside highest security standards and a 99.999% uptime availability rate, HORISEN SMS Platform offers a host of valuable features such as: 

  • Cloud-based or on-premises trading technology 
  • Scalability to manage billions of messages per month 
  • Fully managed support with no need for extra engineering guidance 
  • Optimized workflow automation  
  • Throughput of +20 Mio SMS/hour that can be extended easily 
  • Auto rebinding feature if a connection drops 
  • Powerful and laser-precise rule-based routing editor 
  • Intuitive routing with sophisticated rules and conditions 
  • White-label support with corporate branding capabilities 
  • Support for all SMS features and character sets 
  • MNP number portability support 
  • MO routing for two-way SMS 
  • Intuitive rate plans with a built-in rate plan manager 
  • Priority rules and traffic flow management 
  • Real-time billing for post-paid and prepaid accounts 
  • Automatic invoicing to customers  
  • Real-time statistics and detailed reporting 
  • Powerful message logs and error codes 
  • Data filtering features with data export 
  • Easy integrations with 3rd Party Systems through API access 

HORISEN SMS Platform Review: Benefits 

HORISEN SMS Platform is a highly scalable and flexible tool for companies leveraging SMS messaging functionality. You can manage billions of messages per month in a single application without compromising on phenomenal availability and reliability.  

Companies also have the freedom to choose between cloud-based platform access or on-premises solution specific to their unique business needs. What’s more, HORISEN SMS Platform is 100% vendor-neutral, allowing teams to white-label customer portals to boost brand awareness and generate growth opportunities.  

Some of the key benefits of the HORISEN SMS Platform include: 

  • Exceptional ease of use: An intuitive end-to-end platform gives companies access to a comprehensive environment to manage their SMS requirements. Business leaders gain consistent access to a fast and competent professional support team with 24/7 availability. A dedicated team of developers is available to help create unique connections, automation, and workflows.  
  • Powerful security: The highly protected platform adheres to top security standards. The HORISEN SMS platform is GDPR compliant, and systems are collocated in bank-certified data centers. VPN connectivity is available where needed, and filtering is available for detecting and blocking unsolicited messages. There’s also an included internal watchdog to monitor and automatically repair system issues as they emerge. 
  • Powerful reporting: Companies can leverage meaningful insights with flexible data-filtering features. Simple data is exported, and the option to have reports automatically sent to an email address according to a specific schedule. Business leaders can leverage advanced financial reporting and filter through message logs with detailed, comprehensive data insights. Real-time reporting is also available for instant updates. 
  • Traffic flow controls: Create priority controls with rules for every connection. Set up sophisticated queue controls and manage ingoing and outgoing SMS messages separately. Users can leverage retry schemes based on error codes and routing rules and use asynchronous messaging handling to maximize delivery results. There are also adjustable throughput limits on SMS/second. 
  • Intelligent routing: Control your routing strategy with powerful conditional routing with complete business control. Companies can define routing and rules for each customer individually and use quality-based routing to achieve a self-healing result. There’s load balancing for traffic across several suppliers and MO routing for two-way SMS. Plus, businesses can also access enhanced least-cost routing options. 

Who Needs the HORISEN SMS Platform? 

Whether accessed in the cloud or on-premises, the HORISEN SMS Platform is an ultra-flexible and agile tool specially designed for wholesale and retail business solutions. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface are optimized to deliver consistent, powerful results for every business, with auto-rebinding connections, a fully redundant ecosystem, and exceptional availability.  

With this platform, companies can set up their own routing rules, generate unique rate plans for different customers, and even automate various financial processes, like sending invoices to clients. There are MNP-based routing capabilities and robust traffic flow controls, with sophisticated queue management already built-in.  

Companies gain access to many fantastic support tools, from DLR testing capabilities to HLR/MNP testing and third-party integrations.  

HORISEN SMS Platform Review: Verdict 

For companies searching for a high-security and high-performance platform for managing SMS innovations, HORISEN offers unlimited growth potential and sensational strength. The 24/7 managed platform also ensures businesses never have to go without expert support when they need it most.  

HORISEN effectively builds the environment businesses need to enhance their SMS messaging environment to achieve incredible results year after year. The company’s multi-award-winning technology is well worth any company’s consideration.  

For more information about HORISEN SMS Platform visit: www.smsplatform.pro. 



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