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Mitto Conversations, Campaigns, and Integrations review

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Published: July 18, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Today’s consumers are interacting with companies on more channels than ever before. As the world continues to digitally transform, buyers want to work with companies that not only deliver fast and personalized service but connect with them on their preferred channels. 

Mitto, a leader in omnichannel communications, offers solutions that help companies bridge the gaps between their disconnected tools for sales, marketing, and customer service. The provider has proven just how important omnichannel communications are in today’s world.  

In one study, Mitto even found companies investing in omnichannel experiences were four times more likely to report large numbers of loyal customers, and three times more likely to report significant revenue increases. Driven by this knowledge, Mitto is constantly improving and expanding its platform, ensuring every business can unlock the power of flexible, open, and omnichannel interactions. 

Let’s look at some of the core components of Mitto’s solution. 

Mitto Conversations: A Single Unified Ecosystem for Communications 

 Mitto Conversations provides a single dashboard environment designed to help businesses manage all their messaging-based interactions. 

According to YouGov, 77% of customers say they’re more likely to buy from a company if they can interact with them via messaging apps. Additionally, 83% of customers actively browse for and buy items through message-based conversations with brands.  

Mitto Conversations allows businesses to take advantage of the growing power of messaging for customer service, marketing, and conversational commerce. The all-in-one platform connects tools like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with SMS, Viber, and a host of other tools. Using the straightforward application, businesses can help their agents deliver personalized, consistent experiences throughout the customer journey. 

“Today’s consumers are interacting with brands via more channels than ever. Businesses may struggle to keep up. Mitto Conversations solves this problem by allowing organizations to manage interactions across all avenues in one place. This makes it easier for them to deliver memorable experiences and provide top-shelf support.”  – Sandro Stupar, Product Director at Mitto 

Mitto Conversations is a simple platform, with no coding knowledge required, and features a host of customization options, from automated workflows to AI chatbots. Plus, it comes with labels to help add context to conversations, collaboration tools, and 24/7 customer support.

Mitto Campaigns: Text Message Marketing 

Another tool in the Mitto portfolio designed to leverage the benefits of messaging for customer interactions is Campaigns. This simple tool allows brands to build, implement, and manage immersive SMS marketing campaigns effortlessly.  

All organizations need to do to get started is add a list of customers to the platform and begin crafting their messages. Mitto Campaigns supports rich dynamic content, segmentation, and scheduling tools. Plus, it has powerful analytical and reporting features to help businesses glean valuable insights.  

Used together with Mitto Conversations, Campaigns allows organizations to develop a fully comprehensive strategy for sales, service, and marketing, all for the digital world. Users can manage contacts and customer information with powerful profiles, and even create templates for service notifications, alerts, reminders, and special offers.  

Mitto Integrations: Bringing the Landscape Together 

Mitto’s intuitive solutions for omnichannel, message-based conversations provide businesses with a host of amazing benefits. The toolkits are easy to use and powerful, with a variety of customization and automation options built in to improve business workflows. 

Integrations are available for: 

  • Marketing tools: Integrations with solutions like the Salesforce Marketing Cloud help businesses to streamline marketing campaigns and track metrics in one convenient place. Companies can even extend their customer reach by leveraging insights from Salesforce to create automated, and personalized engaging SMS campaigns.  
  • E-commerce platforms: Mitto also empowers companies to align their e-commerce platforms and tools with their messaging strategy. In 2023, Mitto announced a fantastic native integration for Shopify, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. Mitto’s integration with Shopify can help businesses reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales. Mitto’s research showed 73% of customers are likely to return to an abandoned cart after receiving a personalized message from a company.  
  • CRMs: Ideal for bringing personalization into the customer service, sales, and marketing strategy, Mitto’s CRM integrations make it easy to track and leverage customer data. Integrations with tools like HubSpot allow businesses to build more valuable marketing campaigns based around customer segment information and key purchasing behavior details.  

Companies can also integrate with robust automation tools, like Microsoft Power Automate, to streamline and enhance workflows, and security solutions like Auth0. The brand is constantly expanding its portfolio of native integrations, with solutions from leading vendors like IBM, Zoho, WordPress, and many others.  

If the above solutions aren’t the right fit for your business, Mitto also offers a fully customizable API, ready to plug into any technology stack. This ensures companies can build the perfect omnichannel solution for their business needs, without compromise.  

Mitto: A Powerful Solution for Omnichannel CX 

Focusing on the ever-growing world of message-based service, Mitto offers solutions designed to connect companies with their target audience.  

Their powerful toolkit helps organizations take advantage of innovative ways to reach their audience. Mitto combines social media solutions like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, with convenient tools like SMS, WhatsApp, and voice.  

Mitto’s products help businesses to enhance the customer experience through every stage of the buying journey. Whether you’re investing in a new conversational commerce strategy, upgrading your marketing campaigns with SMS, or simply looking for new ways to offer convenient customer support, Mitto has everything today’s brands need.  

What’s more, the company’s open and flexible approach to integrations means businesses can finally bring all of their communication tools together in one convenient landscape. Not only does this improve the consistency of the experience brands can give their customers, but it also leads to greater visibility into the customer journey, and improved satisfaction rates.  

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