Avaya Launches Avaya Customer Experience Services

Tom Wright speaks to Avaya's Emir Susic

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Published: June 20, 2023

Tom Wright

Avaya Professional Services has been rebranded to Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES), alongside a shift in focus towards AI, cloud, and digital technology integrations.

As it emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Avaya’s CEO Alan Masarek has been busy setting his new CCaaS-focused, “innovation without disruption” vision in place, as well as adding three new hires to its C-Suite.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Avaya is choosing to relaunch its professional services with a slant towards customer experiences.

Appropriately, the announcement was made at its Avaya ENGAGE conference, which is currently in progress in Orlando, Florida, hosting around 3,000 Avaya customers, partners, and associates.

Emir Susic, Global Vice President, Avaya Customer Experience Services, said:

“ACES represents Avaya’s unwavering dedication to its customers by delivering transformative technology through AI, cloud, and digital solutions that create personalized experiences.

“By meeting customers exactly where they are in their cloud migration, Avaya reinforces its commitment to guide organizations through their digital transformation journey.”

Avaya believes that its new CX-centred services offering is well-timed given the speed of AI development and the shortage of experts available to integrate these technologies, the combination of which frequently hampers deployments.

ACES advances cloud journeys by helping clients to ‘innovate without disruption’.

It enables clients to maintain their existing voice-based customisations while simultaneously providing AI and cloud-based capabilities.

ACES adds value to channel partners and system integrators via its globally available suite of AI, cloud, and digital services.

The ACES team collaborates with some of the biggest contact centres in the world, integrating new technologies into existing customer experience workflows.

Its AI automation services can make businesses more efficient and create excellent customer experiences, according to Avaya.

For its cloud evolution services, ACES offers workflow migration and hybrid cloud services, which keep the focus on customer and employee satisfaction.

Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst of COMMfusion and a Co-Founder of UCStrategies, commented: “In an increasingly CX-focused business environment, it’s clear that customers are not solely interested in purchasing technology; they are investing in outcomes.

“With its reimagined ACES division, Avaya professional services offers more than just advanced AI, cloud and digital solutions, but also the promise of tangible results—enhanced customer experiences, improved operational efficiency, and ultimately, greater business success.”

ACES also gives customers the ability to add features from Avaya’s technology partners.

In the past, for example, Avaya has leveraged its partnership with Calabrio, a CX intelligence company, to assist Canada’s biggest propane supplier, Superior Propane, in retaining more customers and reducing call handle times.

Superior Propane successfully integrated Calabrio’s desktop and speech analytics capabilities, which reduced the average call times by thirty seconds per call.

Avaya has “significant financial resources” with which to drive growth, according to Masarek. Upon exiting Chapter 11, the company claimed to have $650 million available to fund Masarek’s growth projects.

The company has already rebranded its cloud contact centre technology to Experience Platform as it transforms its portfolio, Masarek told CX Today.

CX Today’s Tom Wright also discussed the key takeaways from Avaya ENGAGE with Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst at ZK Research.



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