Avaya on Simplifying Its Product Names & Its Roadmap (Big CX Update 2024)

CX Today's Susie Harrison talks to Soren Abildgaard, CTO at Avaya

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How to Bring Best in Class Solutions to Your Ecosystem - (Big CX Update 2024)
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Published: July 1, 2024

Susie Harrison

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CX Today’s Susie Harrison talks to Soren Abildgaard, CTO at Avaya.

The video forms part of our Big CX Update series, where we find out all the latest from a series of prominent CX companies.

In this episode, we talk everything Avaya, discussing:

  • Which products and services are resonating most with customers?
  • What’s on the roadmap, and how will that roadmap benefit customers?
  • The rising tech trends that are most impacting CX teams.

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