The Future of Voice: Navigating the Evolution of Customer Communications

Join Rob Scott from CX Today as he delves deep into a conversation with industry leaders

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Published: September 11, 2023

Rob Scott

Rob Scott


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Join Rob Scott from CX Today as he delves deep into a conversation with industry leaders: Jake Butterbaugh, Senior VP of Global Partner Organization at Five9, and Doug Jones, AVP Product Management, Voice & Collaboration at AT&T.

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What’s Inside:

Unveiling the resilient bond between AT&T and Five9.

Debunking myths: Is the voice era ending, or are we on the brink of Voice 2.0 and the rise of intelligent voice?

Dissecting the common belief: Will AI ever replace voice? Discover how AI is shaping new potentials in voice communication.

Recognizing voice as today’s predominant communication tool: why top-notch voice quality and reliable connectivity will define the future of contact centers.

The art of earning customer trust.

Demystifying omnichannel: While straightforward interactions go digital, intricate conversations still champion the primary channel.

Five9’s bold statement: Voice’s eternal presence in contact centers.

Optimizing customer engagement: A deep dive into the role of Intelligent Voice Assistants (IVA), AI, and the art of enhancing every customer touchpoint.

Safety first: Delve into the paramount importance of data privacy and security. Gain invaluable tips from AT&T and Five9 to ensure unwavering customer trust.

Explore the horizon: From generative AI like ChatGPT to enhancing CX, grasp the imminent opportunities and hurdles tech leaders will face.

Gaze into the crystal ball: Predictions and insights to amplify customer experiences in the upcoming year.

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