Red Box is now part of Uniphore, the leading provider of conversational AI and Automation solutions for the enterprise.

Red Box’s proven track record in capturing and securing every voice and screen conversation, in real-time and post call, is a powerful addition to Uniphore’s portfolio and will bolster the capabilities of the Uniphore X platform, which global enterprises have come to rely on to derive value from every conversation. Uniphore will now deliver seamless access to AI-ready voice and screen recording data from 100% of conversations to drive automation and analytics at scale in the contact center through its industry leading conversational AI and automation

This will help drive faster time to value and a better customer experience at a lower cost. With complete access and control of their captured data via open APIs, organizations will also be able to leverage the full value of voice recordings to help make timely and strategic business decisions in real-time as well as ensuring regulatory compliance