InMoment Releases an “Industry-First” GPT-Fuelled Innovation for VoC

Adding ChatGPT will improve customer-facing business performance

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Published: March 24, 2023

James Stephen

InMoment claims to have become the first VoC vendor to leverage the power of ChatGPT, integrating OpenAI’s technology into its XI Platform.

The new technology will enable businesses to automatically summarise hundreds of customer comments into a short overview, as well as create survey feedback examples to enhance text analytics models.

Sandeep Garg, Chief Product Officer at InMoment, said: “We’ve all seen recent headlines around personal use of ChatGPT, but what isn’t being talked about nearly enough is the new opportunities generative AI brings to enterprise software applications worldwide.

 At InMoment, we immediately identified the opportunity to leverage the power of this technology to solve real-world business problems for our clients.

InMoment has created what it describes as a “first-of-its-kind- technology” via its ChatGPT-powered Smart Summary Generator.

Using AI technology, the Smart Summary Generator turns hundreds of disparate feedback from customers into a well-written, well-structured, and concise text that makes it easy to find the important issues and trends reported by customers.

The speed of this automated operation enables companies to respond quicker than ever to information gathered from customers.

According to InMoment, it takes just minutes for the summary generator to transform customer comments into an actionable overview.

The solution creates automated customer feedback across various channels, such as contact center interactions, reviews, and surveys.

ChatGPT is also being leveraged to create smart feedback by rapidly generating specialized test datasets, which would take a person hours to complete.

Users can create survey feedback examples for all topics by simply sending the relevant commands to the AI technology, thereby improving text analytics model accuracy and increasing the speed to market for new models.

InMoment AI, a natural language understanding (NLU) technology, was launched last year. Subsequently, it was updated to include natural language generation (NLG) as well.

InMoment views these advancements as marking a “new era in integrated CX”, as they help customer experience leaders to understand where to shift their focus within their businesses to achieve the “biggest impact, in the fastest time”.

InMoment says its mission is to improve experiences for its clients where employee, customer, and business needs overlap.

The company uses a combination of human expertise, data, and technology to serve its clients. Also within the company’s armory is a “hyper-modern” technology platform, teams of experts, and “decades” of domain authority.

To achieve its goal of supporting customer-facing businesses, InMoment partnered with QuantumMetric to measure intent, emotion, and effort across interactions and communications channels, including AI-powered conversations.

InMoment was described as a “strong performer” in the latest Forrester Wave for Customer Feedback Management report. Other vendors to make it into the prestigious report included Verint, Alida, NICE, Qualtrics, SMG, and Medallia.

Meanwhile, CX Today listed InMoment as one of the top 20 Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions for 2023.

Last year, InMoment acquired ReviewTrackers, a customer review management software company. As a result, InMoment was able to integrate new customer feedback features into its XI Platform, enabling users to leverage data from feedback and gain greater customer insights.



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