Medallia Debuts CX Platform for Omnichannel Insights

Medallia Experience Orchestration leverages Thunderhead journey orchestration capabilities

Medallia Debut CX Platform for Omnichannel Insights
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Published: February 22, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

Medallia has launched a Medallia Experience Orchestration (MXO) service designed to give clients omnichannel customer insights that personalize and optimize the buyer’s journey.

The new platform allows its client base to leverage omnichannel insights so that enterprise end-users can understand precisely what a customer wants from a brand and its related online channels.

Moreover, Medallia predicts that its solution will help clients meet modern CX goals with reduced cost and time.

MXO gives organizations the tools to track customer conversations across various digital channels, allowing businesses to understand each customer and their personal needs.

The firm notes how its MXO solution can create personalized customer decisions that reflect an empathetically accurate, intent-driven, and journey-aware CX process.

Also, MXO provides a suite for clients to aggregate and manage customer journey data, real-time journey insights, and dynamic customer profiles.

Alex Glanz, the EVP of Strategy at Medallia, noted that organizations which embrace CX-based technological innovations, like MXO, can “unlock significant value in the form of lower operating costs, accelerated revenue growth, and enduring brand loyalty.”

Glanz also added:

Creating seamless, personal experiences requires organizations to go beyond measurement and analytics to drive action and influence experiences as they happen. Medallia Experience Orchestration fuels the future of customer experience by helping brands create more personal customer experiences across every touchpoint.

With integrated CX technology like AI chatbots and emerging eCommerce innovations, gaining a unified CX data insight solution can assist a business in leveraging modern retail tech, successfully connecting with customers, and securing a positive ROI via digital avenues.

Leveraging Thunderhead

To secure the MXO solution, Medallia leveraged technology innovations from Thunderhead, a firm specializing in real-time CX interaction data management and journey orchestration.

Medallia acquired Thunderhead in January last year to leverage its online and offline channel management services.

Moreover, at the time of the acquisition, CEO Leslie Stretch explained its Thunderhead purchase allows Medallia to leverage real-time interaction technology to provide feedback-driven personalization data so that clients can complete CX goals on a massive scale.

With MXO, Medallia is integrating its acquired Thunderhead innovations to cut the time and cost of traditional customer feedback management processes.

Medallia achieves its efficient CX platform by using techniques which detect intent-based customer data that, according to the firm, enables businesses to access mission-critical data in real time.

MXO also helps clients catch CX data more intelligently and faster, enabling businesses to efficiently distribute bespoke data to customers across multiple digital storefronts.

Currently, firms such as Pagegroup and Betway are already utilizing the MXO suite to strengthen internal CX strategies.



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