Microsoft: Copilot for Service Boosts Customer Satisfaction by 12 Percent

The enterprise tech giant has shared insight into how its virtual assistant is boosting service and sales outcomes

Microsoft: Copilot for Service Boosts Customer Satisfaction by 12 Percent
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Published: May 10, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Microsoft has shared fresh insight into the impact of its Copilot for Service solution within contact centers.

During its recent Dynamics 365 Business Applications launch event, the tech giant revealed that it has helped contact centers boost customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 12 percent.

Meanwhile, the virtual assistant has also enabled customer service agents to resolve 14 percent more customer cases per hour.

Microsoft made Copilot for Service generally available in February, at a price of $50 per user/month.

However, customers who already have Copilot for Microsoft 365 licenses may purchase the Copilot for an additional $20 per user per month.

On release, the Copilot had several use cases. For instance, it can summarize customer conversations, offer agents relevant insights from knowledge sources during live interactions, and generate automated customer emails for agents to review, edit, and send.

Moreover, contact centers can configure unique use cases via the Microsoft Copilot Studio to aid contact center agents.

Those use cases may cross various systems, as Charles Lamanna, Corporate VP of Business Applications & Platforms at Microsoft, stressed during the launch event:

Copilot integrates with Outlook, Teams, and other case management systems, allowing customer service reps to stay within their workflow.

After trialing Copilot within its contact center last year, Microsoft shared that its service team slashed its average handling time (AHT) by 12 percent.

In addition, 77 percent of its agents told the business they didn’t want to give up their virtual assistant.

However, since then, competition from Microsoft’s various market rivals – stretching across the CRM space – has ramped up.

For instance, Salesforce’s own Copilot is now generally available. Meanwhile, Pega has unveiled a “GenAI Coach”SAP has introduced “Joule”, and HubSpot has launched its “AI assistants”.

Zoom even offers its Copilot challenger at no additional cost to its customers, alongside other paid services.

As such, Microsoft may consider rethinking its pricing structure in the future. But, for now, it’s seemingly delivering positive outcomes on the contact center floor.

Copilot for Sales Is Saving Sellers 90 Minutes Per Week

Copilot is helping sellers save 90 minutes per week, according to Lamanna. That’s “leading to happier sales teams and improved sales performance,” he said.

Like Copilot for Service, it automates clerical tasks, such as writing emails, taking notes, or updating the CRM.

However, it also prepares pre-meeting customer briefs, offers real-time suggested responses during customer engagements, and automates tasks across CRM and communication channels.

That CRM doesn’t need to be a Dynamics 365 offering, either, with integrations to several other market-leading platforms, including Salesforce.

Again, the price point is high at $50 per user/month. Yet, like Copilot for Service, there is the same concession for existing Copilot for Microsoft 365 license holders.

Moreover, Lamanna would argue that it’s money well spent. He concluded:

By integrating Copilot into the everyday tools used by sales and customer service teams, we are creating a more seamless workflow that leads to happier, more productive employees and improved customer experiences.

For more on how to set up Copilot to deliver these outcomes, read our article: Is Your Contact Center Ready for Copilot?



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