Qualtrics Brings Generative AI to “Every Part” of Its Platform

It is launching an AI-enabled platform and investing $500 million in AI innovation

Qualtrics Brings Generative AI to “Every Part” of Its Platform - CX Today News
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Published: July 20, 2023

James Stephen

Qualtrics has announced the launch of XM/os2, the next generation of its platform.

With the launch, the voice of the customer (VoC) pioneer revealed that it has now embedded generative AI into every part of the platform.

In doing so, the vendor will combine the tech with the “world’s largest” database of human sentiment to provide personalized content and real-time recommendations at scale and across all Qualtrics products.

As a result, organizations can act with greater understanding to produce more meaningful and effective experiences for both their customers and employees.

“AI’s ability to understand human emotion and continuously learn from experiences has the potential to make business more human, not less,” added Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin.

XM/os2 brings the power of AI to every part of the Qualtrics platform, giving our customers entirely new ways to personalize experiences at scale and build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers and employees.

Qualtrics captures 3.5 billion interactions every year, including call center conversations, chat transcripts, social media posts, product reviews, survey responses, and more.

According to Qualtrics, this huge dataset will make frontline workers more productive, brand and research teams will have access to decision intelligence, and managers will be able to access next-level insights into their employees. Let’s find out exactly how!

Generative AI for Frontline Teams

Innovations to Qualtrics FrontlineXM will improve agent productivity and more quickly resolve customer issues with more understanding.

Qualtrics can create personalized responses using customer profile data in Qualtrics ExperienceID (XiD), allowing managers to rapidly provide feedback on social media and other channels.

Real-Time Agent Assist uses AI to summarise conversation information into the key points so that agents can more easily resolve issues based on the complete picture of the customer’s needs, including their history and emotions.

Qualtrics Automated Call Summaries creates call summaries so that agents can generate support tickets, send personalized emails, and add knowledge base articles regarding customer issues and data.

Qualtrics Research Hub

The Qualtrics Research Hub combines millions of data points to create an intelligent research feature, which can be leveraged by any team member.

Generative AI allows researchers and product managers, for example, to get instant answers and insights from the Research Hub.

Qualtrics Video Feedback captures more content and provides a richer understanding of feedback than ordinary open-end text responses.

Ai capabilities bring key trends and relevant quotes and insights to the fore from customers’ video feedback while generating a simplified summary that can be shared within an organization.

DISH Network uses Qualtrics Video Feedback to allow teams to garner qualitative customer feedback in the form of video responses.

New GPT capabilities let DISH researchers instantly analyze hours of video footage and create a list of top themes, quotes, and insights, saving employees time-consuming manual summarization work.

Christina Sansone, VP of CX Transformation at DISH Network, commented: “Most companies are really good at the quantitative side, but the enrichment comes from layering qualitative feedback on top of that.

Qualtrics Video Feedback, enhanced with generative AI, provides a whole new user experience that simplifies our analysis, saves time and makes the voice of the customer even more accessible and clear so we can take the right actions to improve our products and experiences.

Qualtrics XM for People Teams

Qualtrics XM for People Teams takes employee feedback data from surveys and other sources, such as public Slack channels, which are then summarised by new generative AI capabilities to summarise the feedback and behavior data.

The data is then matched to each employee’s well-being to give managers a continuous assessment of their employee’s emotional state and how they can be best supported.

XM for People in Teams also analyses behavior data to show managers which teams and individuals are most likely to leave the company within the next six months.

Qualtrics Manager Assist provides managers with personalized, AI-powered coaching based on survey results, continuous listening, and open-text comment areas.


GPT capabilities are available in xFlow right now.

Available today in private beta are auto segmentation capabilities in XiD, generative AI conversational experiences, and AI capabilities in Quatrics Manager Assist.

Qualtrics XM Video Feedback automated summaries are available now for early access customers, and they will become generally available on August 15, 2023.

The Qualtrics Research Hub will be available in private beta in October, followed by general availability in early 2024.

Finally, the new generative AI capabilities in Qualtrics Frontline Team Assist, Automated Call Summaries, and Real-Time Agent Assist will be generally available next year.



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