Qualtrics Makes It “Easier Than Ever” to Personalize Customer Experiences

The VoC stalwart has released three apps that promise to help CX teams “understand and build connections at scale”

Qualtrics Makes It “Easier Than Ever” to Personalize Customer Experiences
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Published: May 3, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Qualtrics has unveiled three new apps for its XM Platform during its annual X4 event.

Each app aims to equip frontline staff with the insight to build customer connections at “speed and scale”, making it “easier than ever” to personalize customer experiences.

Sharing more, Brad Anderson, President of Product, UX, and Engineering at Qualtrics, stated:

With these new purpose-built AI capabilities, Qualtrics is at the forefront of an exciting new age of experience management, giving organizations, including Hilton and Motorola Solutions, the power to improve every experience in the moment, across every channel that matters.

Indeed, the apps aim to improve customer experiences in-store, online, and in the contact center.

While doing so, they leverage Qualtrics AI, which has learned from “the world’s largest database of human sentiment,” according to the vendor.

Here’s a sneak peek at how each app works.

1. Qualtrics Frontline Locations

Think of Qualtrics Frontline Locations as an insights hub that scours every piece of feedback from within surveys, consumer apps, reviews, the contact center, and other sources.

In doing so, the app spots “actionable insights” and offers recommendations to frontline managers to improve a customer’s experience and drive business value.

For instance, it may suggest replying to an online review, checking in on open tickets, or rewarding employees who contribute to an excellent experience.

Moreover, the app may recommend interventions by making ticket response suggestions.

These suggestions prompt a frontline worker to review the case and provide an auto-generated ticket response, which the employee can edit and action.

2. Qualtrics Frontline Digital

Qualtrics Frontline Digital is a specialist solution that pinpoints, diagnoses, and helps prioritize pain points with digital customer journeys.

To pinpoint the pain point, the app utilizes heatmap capabilities. These create visual diagrams of customer interactions on a website, illustrating where users click, scroll, and move their mouse. That illuminates technical, design, and product issues for UX teams.

Then, for diagnosis, its funnel analytics uncovers the reasons behind online customer drop-offs, assessing experience data and tracking behavioral clues, such as erratic mouse movements.

Finally, with this diagnosis, real-time frustration intercepting capabilities identify customers experiencing the challenge.

3. Qualtrics Frontline Care

Qualtrics Frontline Care is a contact center quality assurance (QA) app that monitors how agents resolve customer queries.

In doing so, it scores every call based on attributes such as resolution, friendliness, and compliance.

Managers can then leverage the app to generate personal coaching plans based on an automated evaluation of each agent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, the app soaks up all that real-time information about customer issues, allowing frontline teams to “instantly” generate support tickets, personalized follow-ups, and new articles for the knowledge base.

The Trend: CX Reporting Is Becoming More Prescriptive

The ability of all three apps to analyze feedback to not only present insight but also suggest actions to improve customer experience highlights how CX reporting has become much more prescriptive.

As the voice of the customer (VoC) Magic Quadrant leader, Qualtrics is one of the brands pushing this positive trend forward.

In doing so, it’s equipping customers with much more pertinent information, which helps them generate more value from their customer experience investments.

Other brands leading this charge include Salesforce with its Customer Success Score, Genesys with its Experience Index, and evaluagent with its evaluagentCX platform.

Yet, this is only one trend hurtling across the CX industry. To cast an eye over some of the others, read our article: 5 Customer Experience Trends for 2024 & Beyond



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