Top 6 Reasons to Buy Self Service Solutions in 2022

The benefits of investing in self service for 2022

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Self Service Solutions in 2022
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Published: July 4, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Today’s digitally-savvy and empowered consumers don’t want to talk to sales and service reps whenever they can help it. Increasingly, your clients prefer to solve their problems whenever they can. Self-service is becoming the go-to option for issue resolution. 

Around 70% of customers now expect a company’s website to include a self-service application, and countless consumers use FAQs, chatbots, and similar tools to streamline service daily. The global technology market for self-service solutions is already accelerating towards a value of around $46.03 billion by 2027

Consumers demand more freedom to solve their own problems in a world of automated systems, intelligent bots, and transformational technology. Here are some reasons why your company should invest in self-service solutions (if you’re not already).

1. Happier, More Empowered Customers

40% of customers say they prefer self-service over human contact, and the number of DIY problem-solvers is always growing. Today’s consumers are used to seeking out information online, chatting to bots on your website, and using other methods to minimize their need to contact customer service teams. As a result, demand for self-service is growing. 

Implementing self-service solutions is a great way to delight your customers when they’re demanding a more comprehensive range of service options. Around 75% of customers even agree that self-service is a more convenient to solve service issues. 

If you want to stay ahead of the curve with your service strategy, supporting your customers on all of the channels they prefer is a great way to do that. 

2. Gain Useful Insights

Self-service solutions can even help you to collect helpful information about your audience and their preferences, needs, and pain points. Whenever you use an Intelligent Voice Assistant or chatbot on your website to help manage customer conversations, those tools can collect data from the discussions to implement into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools.

The information gathered from your bots, combined with other data from customers using self-service FAQs on your website, or accessing service portals, can provide you with a clearer view of where customers face the most problems with your company.

The insights you gather can help you develop better self-service strategies for customers and ensure you deliver a better customer experience overall.

3. Improve Team Productivity

Implementing self-service applications in your business doesn’t just give your customers more power, it can empower your employees too. When customers have ways to solve their issues, they don’t need to reach out to your service team. This means your agents spend less time handling common problems and more time dealing with issues that need their expertise.

Self-service solutions will free up your employees to focus on more productive and vital tasks while helping your business grow. According to some studies, companies adopting self-service technologies can achieve up to 28% reductions in support tickets and 62% improvements in first response time. 

You can even implement self-service solutions specifically designed for your employees. For instance, chatbots can help agents find information faster, while self-service troubleshooting systems can assist hybrid and remote employees in solving problems.

4. Achieve Cost Savings

While it does cost money to invest in state-of-the-art self-service technology, the cost savings you generate over time can be well worth the initial expense. First, you’ll need to hire fewer staff members to provide consistent service because your employees won’t be wasting as much time dealing with issues customers can solve themselves. 

You may also save more money in terms of customer churn. When consumers can find answers to problems faster, they’re generally happier with the level of service they get from a company. Your customers will be able to get more value out of your products and services by rapidly addressing issues themselves, leading to better brand loyalty.

Bots are also less likely to make common service mistakes than human beings. This could mean you don’t spend as much time fixing problems (and wasting cash or resources). 

5. Drive Opportunities for Growth

One of the biggest companies have to ensure rapid growth is it can be complicated to keep up with customer demand. As your business grows, you’ll have more clients to serve, and you’ll need to ensure you’re still offering the same level of personalised and efficient service every step. While hiring more employees is a good start, self-service can help too.

With self-service solutions, you can automate many things that would otherwise take up crucial employee time. For instance, you might allow customers to renew subscriptions on their own, or check the balance of an account without talking to an agent, thanks to natural language processing. 

Implementing more self-service solutions will help you to scale your business faster without putting excess strain on your team. Because bots and other self-service solutions can handle millions of requests at once, it’s easy to grow. 

6. Improved Employee Experience

Self-service isn’t just a great way to make your teams more productive and efficient, it can also be a powerful tool for improving employee experience. Self-service solutions reduce the strain on employees in fast-paced service environments by filtering some of the most common questions and requests out of the queue. 

The same tools also provide your employees with more of the technology they need to do their jobs well. For instance, chatbots and virtual agents can share information collected during a self-service conversation with a customer to an agent as soon as they pick up the phone. This allows employees to solve problems faster and maintain a better level of customer satisfaction.

Studies show self-service increases employee satisfaction by reducing stress and empowering teams to do more of their best work. It can even help to keep your teams more informed and aligned on the same page, with integrations to the right tools. 


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