5 Ways Speech AI Can Improve Workforce Engagement Management

The benefits of Speech AI for WEM solutions

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5 Ways Speech AI Can Improve Workforce Engagement Management - CX Today News

Published: October 19, 2023

Rebekah Carter

In recent years, companies hoping drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty scores have discovered an important truth. Customer experience and employee experience are two sides of the same coin. When team members in a contact center are informed, empowered, and supported, they can deliver better service to consumers.

Unfortunately, aligning employees, scheduling staff, and ensuring ongoing engagement can be complex, particularly in today’s world of hybrid and remote work. Workforce Engagement Management solutions could be the answer.

With WEM tools and strategies, companies can access the insights, features, and innovative tech they need to make the most of their human resources, improve efficiency and productivity and reduce turnover.  built into these innovations, can take WEM initiatives to the next level. Speech AI encompasses all the advanced AI technology that enables businesses to analyze voice data and gain extractable insights.

Here’s how Speech AI transforms workforce engagement management.

1. Enhancing Communication Quality and Efficiency

Exceptional communication and collaboration go hand-in-hand with workforce engagement. When teams can work effectively together in the contact center, they can solve problems more creatively, deliver faster responses to customers, and boost satisfaction scores. They also encounter fewer frustrating steps in their workflows, such as searching through complex transcripts or making notes.

Speech AI, combined with workforce engagement tools and collaboration platforms, can help employees to communicate more effectively. For instance, AI summarization models can automatically distil information from meeting and conversational transcripts, highlighting the most important components of a conversation. Some tools can even highlight core action items.

AI summarization models leverage natural language processing and machine learning to rapidly summarize transcribed text. There are even models that can be purpose-built for certain purposes, such as summarizing collaborative meetings, agent/customer calls, and sales conversations.

2. Reducing Repetitive Work and Boosting Productivity

Engagement and productivity in any business environment rapidly dwindles when team members are forced to spend the majority of their time on repetitive, mundane tasks. Staff members feel more empowered and creative at work when they can focus on valuable, skill-focused jobs.

With Speech AI, it’s possible to automate a number of processes in the standard employee’s workflow, giving them more time to focus on other work. For instance, a speech recognition model like can transcribe all conversational audio and video and then additional Speech AI models can rapidly collect, analyze, and organize this conversational data on an employee’s behalf, providing actionable insights into patterns and opportunities.

“AI has the power to transform the modern workplace. Companies that integrate powerful AI models into their platforms can help their customers automate these mundane tasks and complete them at higher accuracy. One of our customers, for example, was able to build Speech AI tools to cut the time their users spend on manual tasks by 90%–that’s an incredible time savings,” says Dylan Fox, Founder and CEO at AssemblyAI.

This means employees can access valuable data faster, solve problems more efficiently in the contact center, and make the most of their work hours. Additionally, AI speech solutions can automate other tasks, such as transcribing conversations, redacting personally identifiable information, and transforming raw data into reports.

3. Improving Call and Contact Management

Problematic call management and routing strategies can harm both employee engagement and customer satisfaction. The more time team members spend searching for information, taking notes, or transferring customers to other agents, the less time they have to focus on valuable work.

Speech AI solutions can enhance the call and contact management process in various ways. For instance, AI-powered chatbots can automatically ask questions when customers contact a business and use both their responses and back-end data to route them intelligently to the right agent.

“Speech AI can be hugely impactful in terms of productivity and insights for customer-agent interactions. AI tools can increase agent occupancy to improve overall performance, help agents respond to customers more quickly to improve quality monitoring, and uncover customer insights into satisfaction, churn risks, and brand strength,” says Prachie Banthia, VP of Product at AssemblyAI.

AI virtual assistants can rapidly surface information that employees might need during a conversation, based on a consumer’s profile, keywords spoken during a conversation and other factors. This reduces the amount of time employees need to dedicate to searching for data. What’s more, these tools can also automate notetaking, tagging, and summarization, during all forms of conversation, so agents can focus on progressing the call as efficiently as possible.

4. Empowering Employees with Valuable Insights

Speech AI solutions can provide agents with more than just customer profile information and knowledgebase content. Some solutions can also be combined with comprehensive conversational analytics tools, to provide team members with step-by-step guidance and insights.

An AI solution can keep employees engaged and productive, with information on a customer’s sentiment, and specific needs. It can provide direct access to best-practice guidance, without requiring the agent to seek support from a human supervisor. AI solutions can even populate dashboards and wallboards with real-time metrics on employee performance.

Notably, many AI tools can also collect information about employee performance and skill-sets, which can help supervisors to determine which team members need additional support, training, or resources to thrive in their role.

5. Unlocking Opportunities for Better Training

Finally, Speech AI solutions are excellent for gaining behind-the-scenes insights into crucial business metrics and KPIs. Innovative frameworks for Large Language Models, like the LeMUR API from AssemblyAI, can help businesses build tools that can transform data from calls and conversations into everything from marketing content to business documents.

These resources can then be used to create more intuitive training resources for employees, ensuring companies can provide their teams with the development and education they need. AI solutions can help businesses generate training strategies based on real data and sentiment analysis.

They can also be used to build virtual coaching assistants, which offer real-time guidance throughout every customer/agent conversation, or enhance the quality of meetings. With enhanced training and support, employees can perform more effectively in their roles, handle difficult situations more easily, and achieve higher levels of job satisfaction.

The Rise of AI in Employee Satisfaction

Artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on every aspect of the contact center landscape. However, while many companies focus on the value AI brings to customer experience, it’s important not to overlook the benefits for employees too. AI and automation solutions can make a huge difference to the success and productivity of every team member.

Whether it’s providing access to better training resources, automating common tasks, or simply summarizing meetings and conversations, Speech AI enhances workflows for every type of contact center agent. What’s more, these tools help businesses to unlock the data and insights they need to consistently improve employee experience alongside customer experience.

When it comes to upgrading WEM strategies, the inclusion of Speech AI could help organizations achieve incredible results.

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