Content Guru Adds New Features to Its WFM Solution

Intelligent scheduling features and real-time adherence tracking enter the fray

Content Guru Adds New Features to Its WFM Solution
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Last Edited: May 17, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Content Guru has improved its storm WFM solution to support planners in building better schedules and bolstering intraday management processes.

Across an array of digital channels and voice, the solution already offers automated forecasting models that predict contact center volumes across the year. Planners may enhance these with manual adjustments based on experience and reforecast with new data to ensure maximum forecast accuracy.

Working from the high-level estimations, companies can then optimize agent schedules thanks to a new suite of tools. These offer visibility into agent performance, preferences, and schedules, allowing administrators to ensure the right agents are on the right channels at the right time.

To boost such a strategy further, a new agent adherence page – which allows planners to view the future shifts, past adherence rates, and performance statistics of individual agents – is also available.

Then, there is the intraday management aspect, which Content Guru has enriched with real-time adherence alerts, which helps planners ensure that agents carry out shifts as intended.

In addition, planners may utilize a detailed audit log that captures who authorized out-of-adherence events, alongside unreviewed days, which administrators can assess in a glance.

Commenting on the value that these new adherence tools can deliver to contact center planning teams, Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO of Content Guru, said:

storm WFM and its new agent adherence functionality are just a part of the workforce optimization (WFO) repertoire we offer, which enables organizations to effectively manage and optimize employee performance and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Built into the storm contact center environment, contact centers can exploit drag-and-drop scheduling, customizable real-time monitoring dashboards, and a host of third-party integrations to elevate WFM further.

As Content Guru caters to the modern omnichannel contact center, users may plan across the entire digital channel mix, including video and even Instagram, thanks to an exciting new integration.



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