CXT BPO Case Study: Genpact and Garden of Life

Enhancing customer experience with outsourcing solutions

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Published: May 8, 2023

Rebekah Carter

As customer expectations continue to evolve and managing experiences becomes increasingly complex, businesses are rapidly turning to the BPO landscape for extra help.  

Business Process Outsourcing services don’t just provide companies with access to support with administrative and IT tasks. Today, they can also offer the guidance, consultation, and expertise brands need to enhance their CX strategies.  

Garden of Life, operating under Nestle Health Science, discovered the benefits of outsourcing solutions for their own customer service needs recently when working on a new strategy to manage multiple distribution services and a growing target audience. Working with Genpact, the organization was able to develop a new plan to ensure their teams could deliver phenomenal experiences anywhere. 

Finding New Ways to Connect with Customers 

For over 20 years, Garden of Life has carefully cultivated a reputation in the health and wellness landscape for compassion, empathy, and excellent customer support. In the past, the company focused primarily on selling solutions through grocery supermarkets and specialty stores. However, the team lacked an effective strategy for Direct-to-Consumer sales.  

When the organization decided to modernize and update its existing strategy for digital commerce, it also felt it was the perfect time to start looking for ways to build better first-party relationships with its customers. With its new digital strategy, the company wanted to do more than simply provide customers with a sales portal. Garden of Life wanted to enrich customer experiences with personalization and improved access to content too.  

The leadership team reached out to Genpact’s consultancy partner, Rightpoint, to develop a new multi-team commerce strategy and to begin a DTC brand refresh through the Magento platform. The company also worked with their consultants on a six-month customer journey mapping and discovery exercise, intended to help them better understand the needs of their target audience as they moved through the e-commerce purchasing journey.  

Launching a New Customer Experience 

Following months of hard work and research, Genpact’s partner team and Garden of Life launched a new Direct to Customer website focused on enhancing customer experience and unlocking new avenues for product discovery and digital marketing. Rightpoint began by researching the needs and challenges of the customers seeking the Garden of Life’s products before implementing new tools and training for the customer service, sales, and marketing teams.  

After launching the new ecommerce website for the company, Rightpoint worked with the teams to improve site conversion rates, decrease bounce rates, and enhance customer satisfaction scores. Going forward, the partner will continue to work with Garden of Life on the development of new digitally focused strategies for customer support, using segmentation and personalization.  

Even in its early stages, the project delivered phenomenal results for the retailer, providing a 317% increase in revenue and a 316% increase in conversions.  


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