Dialpad Launches Custom Ai Playbooks for Sales and Customer Service

The AI tools provides real-time guidance for sales and customer service teams

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Published: October 25, 2023

James Stephen

Dialpad has introduced ‘Custom Ai Playbooks’ to offer real-time guidance to sales and customer service teams during and after customer calls.

Alongside guidance, the solution includes AI-generated summarization and analytics to increase efficiency and productivity and ensure best practices to meet key KPIs.

Custom Ai Playbooks leverage more than five billion minutes of proprietary data, plus Dialpad’s real-time speech recognition and generative AI capabilities.

Dan O’Connell, Chief AI & Strategy Officer at Dialpad, commented on the launch of its new AI tool: “Custom Ai Playbooks for industry-specific LLMs is the future of tangible AI.

“It’s Dialpad’s version of an AI Copilot, a conversational interface built specifically to support users with rapid decision-making.

“With tailored recommendations, leaders can curate sales, customer service, and recruiting processes specific to their company and customer needs.

The democratization of AI has been a goal of Dialpad’s since its inception, and Custom Ai Playbooks marks a new milestone in making AI accessible for all.

Dialpad believes its AI solution is entering the market at a time when companies are keen to harness the power of AI, which has been booming while the economy has taken a downturn, to boost their revenue.

Custom Ai Playbooks can bolster revenue through its clear framework and real-time guidance.

Furthermore, it can help managers make better business decisions and locate coaching opportunities by capturing agent and customer responses in each call, tracking agent performance, and providing post-call analytics.

Custom Ai Playbooks Benefits

Dialpad lists five key benefits of Custom Ai Playbooks:

  1. It saves time for sales managers and supervisors, using consistent tools for tracking and training reps in real-time, which lets coaches, managers, and supervisors focus their time on other tasks. Managers will also be able to identify the skills that agents need to meet and improve on their KPIs.
  2. Ramp-up time and coaching challenges are reduced through its consistent methodology and customer calling expectations.
  3. New sales coaching opportunities are identified by the solution to locate the agents and reps that require coaching, including the specific aspects of the methodology where they are falling behind. It helps to boost the effectiveness of conversations between managers and their staff.
  4. Sales rep and agent efficiency are increased, and each stage of the sales process has customized questions using sales methodologies that have been proven to improve the customer pipeline and lead to more deals.
  5. Caters to the unique needs of businesses by offering customizable Playbook templates and adding new methodologies that meet their KPIs.

Custom Ai Playbooks represent Dialpad’s seventh Ai product as part of the company’s ’12 Months of Ai’ product series, in which a new AI-powered capability is released every month.

The initiative was announced in April, since which time it has achieved record ARR growth, received a $50 million investment in AI research and development, and rolled out new AI products, such as Ai Recap, Ai Scorecards, Ai Playbooks, Ai Coaching Hub, PII Redaction, and DialpadGPT.

Earlier this month, Dialpad showcased its latest generative AI innovations, including an auto-summarization feature, expanded Auto-QA functionality, a new Generative AI feature in Dialpad’s Coaching Hub, as well as its Ai Playbooks tool.




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