Oracle Launches an Employee Experience Platform

The solution aims to enhance employee engagement, efficiency, and communication

Oracle Launches an Employee Experience Platform
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Last Edited: April 20, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Oracle has released a new employee experience solution – Oracle ME – that converges employee feedback, communication, and workflow tools into one application. 

By factoring in employee preferences and tailoring the solution to the individual, Oracle strives to give each employee something they can call “my experience”.

These experiences are powered by several innovations within the platform, including: 

  • Oracle Touchpoints – An employee listening solution that enables managers to continually monitor and act on sentiment scores to facilitate an enhanced working environment. It also powers pulse surveys and automates recommended best actions based on those results to maintain employee engagement. 
  • Oracle HCM Communicate – An employee outreach solution that allows leaders to “design, send, monitor, and measure the impact of communications.” It also segments employees – based on specific characteristics – paving the way for more personalized communications while tracking the success of outreach efforts through various engagement metrics. 
  • Oracle Journeys – A workflow solution that simplifies complex tasks with step-by-step guidance, enabling employees to navigate a whole host of operational activities easily. Personalization features are also available, so particular employees only see the steps that are relevant to them.  
  • Oracle Connections – A workforce directory that powers the connected enterprise, as employees can search for and connect with people across the company. Team members can even import their LinkedIn profiles, record video introductions, and share relevant skills, allowing businesses to develop a professional network. 
  • Oracle HR Helpdesk – A request management system offers employees a central location to submit their queries to HR and monitor their progress. HR teams can also track trends, providing critical insights into new staff needs and desires. 
  • Oracle Digital Assistant – A HR chatbot that shares immediate answers to employee queries, which they can pose through either voice or text. The bot comes with 90 prebuilt transactions, while companies can also extend the solution to facilitate other processes and requirements. 

Discussing the benefits that the overall offering delivers, Yvette Cameron, Senior Vice President of Global Product Strategy at Oracle Cloud, said:

Employees want to feel heard, empowered, and part of a culture they believe in. To meet these expectations, organizations need to step up and design experiences that meet the unique needs of their talent—or risk losing them to competitors that do.

As The Great Resignation has signaled, employee expectations have evolved. Addressing this new reality with a hybrid work plan is not enough. Many companies will require a well-rounded strategy, which Oracle now facilitates. 

Indeed, The Washington Post reports that hybrid work proves “messy and exhausting” for many. It states: “Working both remotely and in the office is creating new headaches for workers and complicating collaboration, tech tools, and work-life balance.”

The new solution addresses such issues, proving successful in trials with brands such as The Co-op. Overseeing these, Jason Averbook, Industry Analyst, Co-Founder, and CEO of Leapgen, commented:

Oracle is meeting modern employee expectations and then some – and they’re not calling it a nice-to-have. Proactive listening, contextual guidance, and personalized communication is exactly what the workforce needs and deserves, and Oracle ME delivers.

The Oracle ME solution is accessible within the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, while many third-party integrations are also available. 

The OCI AI services that Oracle recently announced are also available within this suite, as the CX technology vendor continues to differentiate itself through its machine learning and data science offerings. 



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