Perceptyx Debuts Employee Listening Insights Platform

The People Insights Platform includes features such as surveys and sentiment analysis

Perceptyx Debuts Employee Listening Insights Platform

Published: September 16, 2021

William Smith

Employee insights company Perceptyx has announced the introduction of a new People Insights Platform. 

The solution is designed to keep companies abreast of employee needs and expectations, which have seen rapid evolution due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the associated move to remote working and distributed teams. 

“A reliance on annual or infrequent, rearview mirror surveys alone no longer cuts it. In the current environment, organisations want a new way to engage their people in continuous conversations on a global scale. They need an ongoing exchange of feedback and ideas, and the means to efficiently analyse and interpret thousands of interactions,” said John Borland, CEO of Perceptyx 

“Businesses without this ongoing insight simply can’t hear what their employees are telling them, resulting in weak business performance and extraordinary levels of attrition.” 

The platform combines features such as surveys, always-on-listening, crowdsourcing and voting capabilities to maximise employee engagement. An insights portal also unifies feedback in a central location. 

“Imagine you’re a CEO trying to manage 90,000 employees. Even in the best of times, you have no way to get out and talk to every single person, and in today’s volatile environment it can be near impossible to understand their perspectives. Perceptyx allows us to have an ongoing conversation with the organisation at scale; it’s the way we provide our leaders with immediate insights into the issues that really matter to people — and get ahead of them,” said Suzanne Hanlon, Vice President, Employee Insights and Engagement for Comcast, a Perceptyx customer. 

The solution also features a sentiment analysis engine that was trained exclusively on employee survey data, which Perceptyx said ensured it was purpose-built for understanding sentiment within the enterprise. Perceptyx further announced the update of its Benchmark Database of employee feedback, consisting of over 15 million surveys across 180 countries, in order to allow businesses to contextualise their own data.



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