Playvox Partners with SeatGeek for WFM Offering 

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

Collaboration to implement workforce management within SeatGeek’s CX team 

Playvox Partners with SeatGeek for WFM Offering 

Playvox has partnered with SeatGeek, the leading mobile-focused ticket platform to implement workforce management within their CX team. 

As SeatGeek expands its market share and geographic coverage, year-over-year contact volume increased proportionally.  

It became clear that long-range and intra-day forecasting and staff scheduling capabilities needed to be strengthened before they became a challenge impacting growth. 

Compounding that was a need for greater visibility into coverage gaps and schedule updates during the day as volumes shifted across channels. To continue meeting channel-specific SLAs, current processes and technologies were assessed and opportunities identified where efficiencies and reliability could be increased to meet the confidence needed in scheduling. 

Kayla Roden, Manager of CX Operations at SeatGeek, said: “Life with Playvox is more organised and less stressful. 

“We ultimately chose Playvox Workforce Management because it was by far the most robust and customisable tool out of all the options we reviewed. It was a pretty easy decision for us.” 

SeatGeek selected Playvox for its ability to accurately and automatically forecast volumes and coverage based on configurable SLAs for each service channel and queue. A 

After implementation, the SeatGeek team reduced the number of hours spent each week creating reliable forecasting and staffing/scheduling models.  

Oscar Giraldo, CEO and Founder, Playvox, added: “Playvox quickly and easily helped SeatGeek develop reliable forecasts which enabled them to employ a variety of staffing models. 

“We’re empowering customers with greater visibility into all aspects of their contact centre employees to deliver the best experience for agents and customers.” 

Playvox also provides critical performance and productivity metrics at the individual and team levels that enable contact centre managers to increase agent engagement and performance. 

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