Puzzel Releases a “Smart Chatbot” and New Performance Management Solutions

Charlie Mitchell

The vendor aims to inspire increases in contact centre efficiency and engagement

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Puzzel Releases a “Smart Chatbot” and New Performance Management Solutions

Puzzel has added new chatbot and performance management capabilities to its CCaaS platform.

Like its previous chatbot offerings, the Puzzel Smart Chatbot enables 24/7 automated customer service online and can answer simple, transactional contacts.

Yet, the new offering can also resolve more complex queries and automate routine service tasks. For example, it can create new accounts, reset passwords, and enable customers to check balances, processes, and deliveries by fetching information from various enterprise systems.

That is not all, as it also aids website navigation by holding the customer’s hand through various processes, auto-filling forms, and automatically escalating contacts if they are too complex.

Discussing many of these features and introducing more, Thomas Rødseth, Chief Technology Officer at Puzzel, said:

[The bot] understands each individual user’s intent and delivers a smarter customer experience, automatically taking care of routine, repetitive tasks and driving customer satisfaction. It can even offer advanced web guidance, such as website tours and automated co-browsing to help customers fill out forms and complete purchases.

While the Smart Chatbot is now available as a standalone solution, companies can also harness the bot as an add-on to the Puzzel Customer Service Platform.

The same can be said for Puzzel Performance Management, the second new release, which allows contact centres to build a standard framework for managing and tracking metrics.

Such a framework enables operations to gain a clear view of performance across various channels, business queues, agents and user groups.

Embedded AI-powered data visualisation techniques make it simple for managers, supervisors, and agents to track their performance trends over time, comparing results against critical goals. As such, it is easy for everyone to identify what they do well and improvement opportunities.

Thanks to these capabilities, Puzzel Performance Management not only aims to enhance reporting but also reward and recognition programmes, quality management, and employee engagement.

What’s more, by clearly segmenting and visualizing metrics, operations can create a clear view of the customer experience and share this knowledge across the enterprise.

Rødseth also highlighted another critical benefit, as he stated:

Contact centre managers and supervisors can spend up to 50% of their time collecting data from different systems, importing it into their analytics systems, and analysing reports. That’s 20 hours a week that we think could be better spent. So with Puzzel Performance Management, we’ve consolidated all contact centre KPIs and metrics in one place.

Alongside the launch of this solution, the vendor has launched a 45-day trial of Puzzel Performance Management to its current customers. Go to Puzzel Admin, find the Performance Management page, and press the “Start Trial” button to seize this opportunity.

These announcements complete a busy start to 2022 for the vendor after also launching Puzzel Dashboard, a real-time reporting solution that is recommended in the CX Today article: 5 Important Metrics for Customer Satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Puzzel has also introduced new additions to its case management and knowledge base solutions, with the latter now harnessing stereo recordings for voice calls.



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