Qualtrics Launches Manager Assist

The innovation gives managers guidance to better support their teams

Qualtrics Launches Manager Assist
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Published: November 10, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Qualtrics Manager Assist is a platform designed to empower managers to listen, understand, and respond to feedback from their teams in real-time.

The latest innovation from Qualtrics aims to align all the information a manager needs to increase productivity and engagement while reducing costly attrition.

To do so, it analyzes employee engagement surveys and the feedback they leave on public channels.

Manager Assist also leverages Qualtrics XM benchmarks to help companies understand their most significant risks and opportunities based on billions of data points.

Finally, managers receive comprehensive insights into trends affected by geography and industry, with automated guidance to help them take targeted actions.

Helping Managers Help Their Teams

Managers are perhaps the most crucial lynchpin of team engagement, and they have a direct impact on business outcomes.

According to a Gallup Poll, three-quarters of employees leave their jobs because of a bad manager experience. Meanwhile, the SHRM estimates it costs about six to nine months of a team member’s salary to replace an employee.

A recent Qualtrics study also found that 43 percent of managers feel more pressure to produce results than they once did. At the same time, tightening budgets are forcing teams to place greater importance on employee productivity and efficiency.

Discussing the relevance of Manager Assist in the climate, Brad Anderson, President of Products and Engineering at Qualtrics, said:

“Manager Assist puts the power of data into the hands of managers to understand how their teams are feeling and the experience their employees are having, and then empowers them to take the right actions to keep their teams working efficiently and effectively while also avoiding costly employee attrition.”

The solution also allows business leaders to access insights into engagement pulse surveys presented in a simple, approachable format, helping managers to understand what actions they can take to help their teams improve.

In doing so, it brings a range of valuable insights into one location, including open-text survey responses, HR tickets, social media, and enterprise chat.

Harnessing NLP, it then combs through all the available data, highlighting areas businesses need to focus on to drive rapid and impactful changes to employee experiences.

Addressing Risks, Opportunities, and Collaboration with Data

The Qualtrics Manager Assist solution taps into the analytics and data solutions within the vendor’s broader portfolio.

These tools allow customers to discover their most significant opportunities and threats based on billions of data points.

Managers can also easily compare their data to broader industry trends to better understand the wider landscape.

As a bonus, the solution comes with built-in action planning and collaboration tools. These solutions give managers a single-click solution for huddling and interacting with their team when mind-mapping ideas and developing plans.

Managers may then share corresponding plans and progress with team members to keep the entire business aligned.

Manager Assist will roll out in early 2023, with upcoming enhancements throughout the year, pulling the solution closer to Qualtrics EmployeeXM Discover and Cross XM solutions.



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